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Technology today has become revolutionary and a lot of innovative ways have since been developed to help ease our lives. Thanks to the rapid-growing Internet, people have easy access to almost everything including ordering online.

Online Ordering System is an e-commerce function where a company allows customers to order products or services via their website. Since the internet is booming, having an online ordering system can boost sales to some extent as it eases customers to place an order for the company's services. People can place orders from their home as long as they have a computer or laptop with internet connection.

Ordering system throughout the world has relied on pens and papers. Problems such as missing orders and information sent to the wrong place arise. Furthermore, some could not be able to handle the massive volume of orders. Under the old manual ordering system, it takes up too much time to process. Real time ordering and improved efficiency has been the focus of entrepreneurs. As with many business scenarios, getting rid of paper improves efficiency, reduces human error and allows information to flow to an infrastructure without a time consuming data input process. There is also less chance of handwritten orders being misread and a higher customer turnaround as customers will be served faster. Today, the Philippine furniture industry has metamorphosed in a highly diversified manufacturing sector, which is composed of roughly 15,000 furniture firms directly or indirectly employing about 800,000 people. This is thrice the employment estimate of 250,000 in the 1980’s and does not include the estimated 1,000,000 people in the sub-contracting network.

Ninety-eight percent of these companies are micro, small and medium enterprises with only 2% being large enterprises. The bulk of all these companies are concentrated in three provinces, namely: Metro Manila, Cebu and Pampanga. These figures clearly indicate that furniture manufacturing in the Philippines is still labor-intensive, with products ranging from leg items (chairs, tables, beds, settees); case goods (cabinets, desks, chest of drawers, kitchen storage units and related products); and a combination of these two (building or home fittings, shelves, ornaments and similar products).

The industry, as a whole, contributes about U$600M in the sales to the economy. This does not include the taxes and sundry fees which the furniture companies, as well as the 1.8M workers in these establishments, bring into the coffers of the government through taxes.

The reality of an increasingly global market, however, is not lost on the industry. Not only is competition from other furniture producing countries getting stiff, but the industry is also experiencing problems with the flow of its raw materials, as well as a drain in its competency skill base. Despite these, prospects for our industry remain good.

With the following problems encountered in its current manual ordering system of its furniture products, the CLMH Enterprises is now also addressing the need for a computerized real-time online ordering system delivering efficiency and reliability.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to answer the following problem in the development of an online ordering system for CLMH Enterprises.


1.What is the profile of the company?
b.Type of Business;
c.Years of Operation?
2.What are the advantages of the proposed system over the manual ordering system of CLMH Enterprises in terms of: a.Speed;
3.What are the capabilities of the proposed online ordering system? 4.What are the effects of the proposed online ordering system to the following: a.Company;

Objectives of the Study

The main goal of the study is to develop an online ordering system for CLMH Enterprises.
Specifically, this study aims:
1.To determine...
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