Prawns Online Ordering System

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Research Description

A. Overview of the Current State of the Technology
Nowadays, businesses are using online and Short Message Service (SMS) systems to automate transactions. It enables the customers to access information. Thus it is observable that businesses are dependent on the current high-technologies to improve their operations. Joan, Dec Robertson, Nathalie, Samantha (JDNS) Company is a cooperative company where the best fresh high quality prawns are sold. Its head office is located in Cebu City. One of its seven branches nationwide is located in Manabay, Ozamiz City. It is owned by Joan, Dec Robertson, Nathalie and Samantha. With the company’s current system, transactions are done manually, specifically their ordering system. They only sell their products in their branch office. This implies that customers who would like to inquire and buy their products should personally visit the company’s branch office. The researchers made this system for the company to have an efficient way to handle transactions, specifically the ordering system. With the proposed system, a customer can order the company’s product anytime, anywhere. The researchers will propose this system to JDNS Company to be able to help improve the company’s efficiency in terms of handling transactions, specifically their ordering system. Moreover, since the system is through online and through SMS, the prospective customers of the company will increase. Thus, the system can contribute to the increase of the sales of their products. B. Research Objectives

The general objective of our study is to create an efficient Prawn Ordering system in JDNS Company. It specifically aims to: 1. Advertise easily;
2. Provide a faster response on inquiry about the available products; 3. Provide an exact calculation of payments;
4. Eliminate manual process of monitoring orders; and
5. Develop an Ordering Prawn system via online and through SMS. C. Scope and Delimitations
The researchers study is limited only on the online and via SMS services of the JDNS Company. More particularly on the online promotion and ordering of their products. The customer can register and make orders online and via SMS. The study specifically covers and focuses on the Online Ordering process of JDNS Company. The payment would be through payment before delivery which helps promote the company’s way in rendering services that can gain more customers. It will also minimize the workload of the company that consumes the effort and time in terms of business transactions. Payment through G-Cash/Smart Money is not included in our system. All other transactions not mentioned above are not included in the study. D. Significance of the Research

The research project is beneficial to the following:
1. Customer
The customers can automatically book orders of products the company is offering. This will lessen the workload of the customers more particularly those customers who are far from the city because they can save time and money as compared to the manual process.

2. Company
There will be a significant improvement of the company’s efficiency in catering the orders of the customers. With the online and via SMS system, the market of the company will increase, which could mean an increase of their sales. 3. Future Researchers

The research will serve as a literature to future researchers who are conducting a similar study.

E. Operational Definition of Terms
➢ Short Message Service. Is a text message to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone? ➢ System. Is for the company to have an efficient way to handle transactions specifically the ordering system. ➢ JDNS. Joan, Dec Robertson, Nathalie, Samantha (JDNS) Company is a cooperative company where the best fresh high quality prawns are sold.


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