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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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Paper - II
Recent Advances in Finance
1. Financial Markets: Money and Capital Markets, Money Market Instruments, Recent Trends in Indian Money Markets.
2. Banking Financial Institutions and Non- Banking Financial Institutions. Recent developments in Indian Banking System.
3. Liquidity Management in Commercial funds: Theories of liquidity management; Priorities in the employment of bank funds; problems in resource allocation in India.
4. Management of Capital funds in Commercial Banks: Meaning and functions of capital funds; standard to measure capital adequacy; Present position in India with respect to capital adequacy.
5. Management of Primary Reserves: Nature and purpose of Primary Reserves; Legal reserves- nature and function; working reservesnature and function; Cash Management in Commercial Banks.
6. Management of Secondary Reserves: Nature and function of
Secondary Reserves; Factors influencing Secondary Reserves;
Estimation and Management of Secondary Reserves.
7. Management of Bank Deposits: Relevance of marketing approach to deposit mobilization in banks; Concept of bank marketing;
Formulating marketing strategies for commercial bank-opportunity analysis, target market, competitive positioning; Implementing marketing strategy.
8. Management of Bank Loans: Characteristics of commercial loans; loan policy in commercial banks; Evaluating loan application, credit analysis, credit decision; Priority sector lending policies of commercial banks in India.

9. Management of Bank Investments: Nature and principles of security investment of commercial banks; formulating investment policy; Volume and pattern of investment of commercial banks in India. 10. Performance Evaluation and Monitoring in Banks: Performance of banks- branch expansion, deposit mobilization and credit

deployment; Profitability performance; Structure and pattern of income and expenditure in commercial banks in India.
1) Khan M Y: Indian Financial System- Theory and...
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