Sales and Inventory System

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Background of the Study

Businesses nowadays are innovating there business process into computerize transaction and making edge to other business competencies. Some business transaction made online with the used internet like: ordering, reservation registration, and etc. The most commonly system used by the company is the sales system and integrated it with a inventory system, this system handle various operations.

Spectrum Grains Trader and Rice Miller is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Engr. Edwin Subillaga, it was establish on year 1989, there main office is located at Aglipay Street Kabacan,Cotabato and there factory and basement is sited at Lower Paatan Kab., Cot. Spectrum main product is rice; they are the major suppliers of rice in place and some other areas.

Sales and Inventory System is business computer software that can manage sales, ordering, quotation and inventory reports. This system is a point-of sales type system and offer a truly unique computerized business processes and control system.

For now, the business operations are manual in terms of processing and handling data in their overall business transactions. Staffs are just recording data and important information in numerous papers and store files at their basement.

Objective of the Project

* To develop a Sale and Inventory System for Spectrum Grains Trader and Rice miller that will give solutions to the problems encountered in their manual business processes. * To produce appropriate reports of the sales.

* To provide easy access for customer to connect in the company through online or web base transaction.

Significance of the Project

Scope and Limitations
The scope of this system is to provide user efficient working environment and more output can be generated through this. This system provides user friendly interface resulting in knowing each and every usability features of the system. This system helps in tracking records so that...
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