Recording System

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Chapter I


Recording system is an information storage system, which is the authoritative data source for a given data element or piece of information. Where the integrity of the data is vital, a data element must either be linked to, or extracted directly from its system of record. Since the proponent will be developing a recording system it will help the company in gaining accuracy and efficiency.

Project Context

UYsome! Enterprise was established in 2011 by Mr. Carl Benedict L. Uy and his wife Ms. Bona Bonita C. Uy franchising coca cola products at 12 Andrew St. Metro Heights Subd. Visayas Ave. Quezon City. The owner used manual system of recording the sales at the end of the day so they encountered problems like they lost the receipt, for that reason the proponent decided to develop a Clients and Sales Information Recording System for Uysome Enterprise.

The propose system will be having the information of the clients and every transaction will be recorded to the system therefore in case of encountered problem by the delivering of the product they can solve the problem immediately since they have the record of transaction.

Purpose and Description

The purpose of the Study is to develop the system that will help the company to have a computerized recording system for them to have also the information of their clients in case of error they can manage to make contact with their clients for any difficulty. The propose system will provides valuable information and details for the sale of the business where that is required and increases the chances of the business operating and achieving success.

The recording of sales by using recording system will allow the company owner to have a thorough understanding of the problem and difficulties faced, to ensure that they fully support the Sales and hence increase company profits. Just like any other record...
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