System: Manual Transmission and Inventory Control Section

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Project Proposal
(System Engineering)

Inventory System

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Mariscal Jr, Salvador M.
Galgalan, Romel V.
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Mrs.Anthony Lomibao
Most small businesses nowadays, use computers in transacting with their customers. Small businesses are now making their systems computerized because using a computerized system will help minimize the time and efforts consumed by using manual system. Nowadays, the motorcycle parts and accessories business are equipped with the latest Information Technology Systems that allow them to operate effectively in the efficient sales of their products. On the inventory control section, it helps them tracked and monitored incoming and outgoing materials. It gave them, up to date status and detailed information on each item on their inventory. Clearly automated system is very competitive and will have a big advantage on others employing a manual system.

In our study, we chose a motorcycle supply store as our client for the proposed system. Our client is operating under a manual system. By doing interview with our client and employees, we easily found out some of the problems. The problems are the way of recording and tracking their Sales and Inventory written on the ledger. The records of their products were just written on a notebook and receipts are not properly filed.

More than likely there is a chance of losing, misplaced or accidentally thrown away the books and receipts by the employees at the end of day. Another concern is having some miscalculations using calculator regarding the number of item bought and item price. This action is prone to human error. The proponents proposed an Automated System to fix the problems. Without...
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