Research Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Shampoo, Household income in the United States Pages: 16 (4079 words) Published: December 7, 2012
MEC30071: Research Analysis-Kyu Chul Kim 1

Research Analysis

Handong Global University MEC30071 - Marketing Research Presented to: Stephen D. Strombeck

By: Kyu Chul Kim (20700059) June 12, 2011

MEC30071: Research Analysis-Kyu Chul Kim 2

Introduction It takes some amount of time looking through the shelf with dozen of shampoo brands displayed in a supermarket. Some people takes a while picking up several shampoos to compare while others choose their shampoos instantly and go. What are the core-factors people consider when buying a shampoo? Is it the price or ingredients that have to do with a product itself? Or is it the outside factors such as products‟ TV commercials or acquaintance‟s recommendations that makes up the image of a product? This research project was done to explain which factors are more relevant than the other in customer preference for a shampoo for their hygienic purposes. To understand customer preference for a shampoo in general, mentioning of specific brand name was crucial thing to do because respondents would then think through the brand in their head and answer the survey. So, I come up with the brand Head & Shoulder as my research tool. This brand name will work as an anchor that links customer to the customer preference for a shampoo. Questions in the survey dealt with the satisfaction of Head & Shoulder shampoo in terms of its intrinsic factors and extrinsic ones. Intrinsic factors deal with the product itself: its price, bottle design (color, shape, and type), ingredients, and environmental-friendly factor. Extrinsic ones deal with the outside image of the product such as TV commercials and friend‟s recommendations of the product. These are all assumed factors customers would measure when choosing a shampoo. These satisfactory-type of questions would be a good sample or guide for finding out which factors are for customer‟s preference in choosing a shampoo in general (See Pages 11-17 for survey item details & survey sample) Research Target and its Process The research was exclusively done to Head & Shoulder shampoo users since its question is concerning with the mentioned product. It was primarily done to people in Pohang Citystudents in Handong Global University, and Head & Shoulder users in different areas in the

MEC30071: Research Analysis-Kyu Chul Kim 3

city. Students in the universities were strictly chosen by putting up a post on the school‟s intranet asking the product users to fill out the survey offline. About one third of the 38 survey respondents were students who have volunteered to fill out the survey, and they were willing to answer without reluctance to any of the questions included. Other two thirds was done to people in the E-Mart and Homeplus supermarkets buying a Head & Shoulder shampoo, and to the product users in Sungdong church located near Homeplus as well. Information of the Participants The data of the survey result was then entered into SPSS database for synthesizing frequency, cross tabulation, and Linear Regression Analysis to analyze which independent variables are significant to the dependent variable and how they are accurate in the model. No. Answered for Demographic Questions Gender 38 0 Age 38 0 Marriage Children Income 36 38 37 2 0 1


Valid Missing

As mentioned above, 38 people have participated in the survey and completed questions that ask for demographical data except for two: questions on respondents‟ marital status and their income. According to the statistical data, 2 respondents did not answer their marital status and 1 respondent his/her household income. This is perhaps possible because either the questions were too sensitive for them to respond, or they just simply forgot to answer: which is what I assume it is very unlikely so because there were enough spaces for each questions to follow through. Gender Valid Cumulative Percent Percent 52.6 52.6 47.4 100.0 100.0


Male Female Total

Frequency Percent 20...
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