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In this study, focus of researcher was on brand switching after the advertisement or stickiness to a brand. The researcher study the effect of advertisement in Karachi in Pakistan.The market in Pakistan was also targeting day to day advertisement.The competition has grown to its greatest extent and the companies are busy in the activity of capturing people’s mind.The entire focus of this paper was on shampoos.The response that people pay towards shampoo’s advertisement,either on television or while driving where they encounter with bill boards and banners.

For study the researcher has taken the sample in two phase : * Colleges/Universities students
* People aging 18 – 30

The result shows that only 2% people were brand loyal and 98% people use shampoos as per their own wish.The reason for not being a brand loyal is that till the time their shampoo brand dissatisfied them ,they use the same one.The response of people towards advertising was not reacting to it and the ratio was 60 – 65 %.The 70 % people final purchase decision in family was their ownselves and not the advertising media.56% people thinks that storyline makes advertisement good rather than brand loyal or brand promotion advertisement.

The final findings comes out to be that in Pakistan particularly in Karachi people or students purchase their product or brand according to their own choice or of their past experience rather than the marketing efforts made by the firms to remove brand stickiness from the mind of the consumer with the help of a TV advertisement.The Tv advertisement only tries to brainwash the mind of the consumer so that he or she can switch to a new brand.
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