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Executive summary

Sunsilk is one of the world's most popular hair care brands and is currently marketed in more than 50 countries. It was launched in India in 1964 .Over the decades it has been revamped, constantly keeping it contemporary with the changing times and consumer preferences. Objective: To enable brand image measurement of Sunsilk. Methodology: The two models developed are: 1 Model used Instrument of data collection Sample size Brand asset valuator model Questionnaire 25 respondents


Model used Instrument of data collection Sample size

Reynolds and Gutman’s “Laddering Method” Laddering/ depth interview 8 respondents

Findings: 1. From Brand asset valuator model The survey revealed that shampoo is a product in which consumers care about their choice between different brands. For the BAV analysis, Sunsilk’s competitor brands are Clinic Plus, Garnier, Pantene and Fiama Di Wills. On the four primary dimensions of the BAV model, the results for Sunsilk are: Knowledge: Sunsilk comes second in knowledge with an 80 percentile. Clinic plus enjoyed the top position because of its mass appeal and the association of Clinic (Clinic All Clear with anti dandruff.).Sunsilk is high on knowledge because of various reasons. It is an old brand; it is a product of Unilever. Sunsilk has always taken many initiatives to reach customers like the Sunsilk Gang of Girls, promotional campaigns like ‘life can’t wait’. Customers were offered free hair care and styling consultations by Sunsilk hair experts Jawed Habib and Samantha Kochhar. Thus, Sunsilk is high on knowledge. Presently, Sunsilk is trying to move up the value chain by being a mid premium brand and not a mass market brand. But our survey reveals that respondents still view Sunsilk as a mass market brand. Esteem: Sunsilk is not very high on esteem, enjoys third position with a 60 percentile. The reason probably could be it is seen more as a mass product and lesser as a premium product. Shampoos like Garnier are seen more as a premium product.

Differentiation: Sunsilk is second on differentiation with an 80 percentile. There are a variety of reasons due to which Sunsilk enjoys differentiation. It does different things like the gang of girls, offers expertise of hair care experts like experts Jawed Habib and Samantha Kochhar. Relevance: Sunsilk brand is highest on relevance. This could be on account of various reasons. Sunsilk is a popular brand, a Unilever product, used since many decades. It is a quality product at affordable price. Moreover, it has wide variety of variants to cater to different consumer preferences. The product is relevant among wide masses because of its quality, affordability and constant innovation Conclusion from the BAV model: Sunsilk is more towards a leadership brand. When we see Sunsilk’s Brand Stature, it is second highest in knowledge, but not high on esteem. When we see Sunsilk’s Brand Strength, it is second highest in differentiation and highest in relevance. Thus the brand has high growth potential.

2. From laddering method Laddering provides a way to probe into the consumer’s deep underlying psychological and emotional reasons that affect their purchasing decisions. There were 7 attributes, 8 consequences and 5 values that were identified from the depth interviews. Some important findings were: a) Most respondents stated that out of the listed attributes, the label or brand of the shampoo was important. This was because they associated a premium brand with superior quality and indicated it as being crucial as a status symbol. b) The monetary value of a shampoo was also considered important as this was again associated with quality. c) A light colored liquid shampoo was preferred as lighter shade liquids are considered chemical free and “pure” by the respondents. This was further associated with being beneficial for hair and connected to selfesteem by the respondents. d) An attractive bottle was associated with quality by the...
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