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Topics: Statistics, Confidence interval, Statistical hypothesis testing Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: May 27, 2013
NUR/438 Version 3
Uses of Statistical Information Paper
Gloria Vandello
May 12, 2013
How are statistics used in your workplace?
Statistics are used in the entire hospital, where I work. Before taking this class I didn’t gave it much thought of just how much statistics are being used in every floor. I guess I always believed that the word “statistics” was mainly used in the research department and that is where it should stay since it didn’t seem interesting enough to study. Now that I’m taking this class statistics seem to be all over my work place, just on my floor alone posters of statistical data are becoming more visible to me. The poster on infection control for MRSA for example asks the question is our floor doing on testing patients when they are admitted and again when they are discharged home is showing how we are doing and how many more needs need to get done from all of us who work there to keep this nasty bug from our patients. What is one example of descriptive statistics used in your workplace? I work in a busy post-surgical floor most times when our surgical patients come to our floor they are in very much pain. Depending on the type of surgery and individual how hard is to transfer them to the bed. Recently our hospital went in to the no lifting process, since we were having many people getting hurt and either work on light duty or not at all. Our Hospital spend a lot of money in making sure it is now a no lifting place; and yes it sounds very nice so there is now a study being done on prevention on work place injuries sounds great, but the problem is that to use the different equipment requires at least two individuals to operate except most days we are short staff and that was one major contributor to getting hurt. What is one example of inferential statistics used in your workplace? Inferential Statistics is used in my surgical floor in many ways such as when Doctors order a narcotic medication for a post op individual...
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