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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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A study on Youths’ Attitude towards “e-gaming


Technology now days have brought man to an era of digital and advanced world of computers. Not only are computers used in studies, research and work, it is now being used as part of leisure and entertainment. Most of the youth today know how computers work and even an 8 year old child who is still yet to learn how to read and write knows how to operate a simple computer. This is because the interactive element of a lot of software that computers use excites and attract children and this makes them learn to use and play with the computers.

The aim of this study is to shed light on the Youths’ Attitude towards “E-Gaming” More specifically, the objectives of the study are:
To understand the reasons that influence a person for indulging into e-gaming To find the genres/categories of e-games those attract contemporary e-gamers. To study the impact of e-gaming over e-gamers.

A sample design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from given population. Universe: Ambernath City
Sampling method: Purposive quota
Sampling Size: 100
Sampling unit: Youth Age bracket (18 – 25 yrs)
(gamers & non-gamers)
Sampling Frame: Youth Of Ambernath City.

Primary Data:
Data collected from questionnaires distributed to respondents Secondary Data:
All relevant secondary data is collected from various sources like – Internet, National and International referred Journals and Websites.

DATA ANALYSIS Crucial Findings
Sample Size: 100 respondents
E – gamers : 63
Non e-gamers : 27.
Balance 10 samples were not considered, as they didn’t fill the form adequately.

Sources for Knowledge of e-gaming Percentage

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