Dependency on Computers

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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Dependency on Computers
Over the past few years, computers have gone from being a rare luxury to an everyday necessity. Computers have made great progress, due to which we, human beings get benefited. They are used in airlines and railway reservations, schools and colleges, banks, medicine, research, aeronautics, accounting, cartoons and animated movies, video games and more and more uses. The above uses make us to use computersmore and more.It make our lives totally empty without them. Nowadays, kids ask their parents for a play station or a computer to play games. The kids can also be benefitted by these, so when they grow up they will get much used to the computers. Also they can get a satisfying job very quickly, because in the future a very few of the occupations does not use computers. Apart from this computers are also used in schools since 1960, because students also get benefitted from computers. In addition the educators use technology to teach more effectively. Students can also use computers for each subject they learn. A calculator in maths, map-making tool in geography or as a text editor. Nor ever, students can have online tutor,find information through internet, type up and print their assignments. Students can get as much information they need and teachers can get connected to the parents through internet, whenever they want. Therefore, students can be more informative and they will make a fun experience in learning. Also the students can be in situations when they must write and search or communicate with people far away to write documents. Computers can be used to make presentations. As mentioned above the students may communicate with someone from other country. For example; a student from America. Through the communication they can be able to know each other’s cultures and find much information on how the both countries differ. So, with the help of computers students will receive a higher quality of education. Computers can be helpful in...
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