Online Games: Its Effects to the Academic Performance of the Fourth Year High School Student

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Nowadays, computer games are now on the top list in the mind of teenagers. Online games can be easily get addicting because of the graphics that can catch the attention of the gamers.
Online games can alter the way people spend their leisurely time positively or negatively depending on whether the players have enough self control or not. Being fully aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the online games, the players can maximize their advantages and avoid addiction.

However, online games have bad effects on people’s life especially teenagers. Online games addiction has become popular in the society which seriously influences children both physically and mentally.

The researchers observed that some of the students are missing during classes. One of the biggest reasons why they cut classes in addiction in computer online games.
The researchers chose this topic to study because the researchers would like to know how many students get addicted to online games and how would it affect to their studies.
The researchers will conduct a survey to the fourth year students to know how many of them used to play online games inside or outside of the campus and how online games affected their studies.

Review of Related Literature
According to Robert Palmer, everyone needs to take time off from work sometimes and just do something fun. Although everyone has their own version of fun, most people will agree that there is at least what type of game that they like to play. Whether it is simple card game, a board game, or one of the many online games at your disposal today, everyone has that one thing that they enjoy doing on a relaxed, leisurely afternoon.

This influx of the internet into mainstream society has a really altered the way people spend their leisure time. More and more often, people are resorting to playing their favorite board game on the computer using an online version. Furthermore, online games have many advantages and disadvantages when compared to traditional games. First of all, online gaming allows someone t play whenever they want. Say for example, you are stuck home by yourself with nothing to do and nobody to visit; you can join an online community of the gamers and play an online game that suits your tastes. With online gaming, you don’t need to have your other players in your presence. Another advantage of the online gaming is the lack of set up and clean up needed to play. Online games also allow for easy computational characteristics. For example, if you are playing monopoly game, all the money transactions are done electronically to avoid human errors.

There are also some disadvantages to online gaming, including the lack of communication and family interaction. Traditional board and card games are usually played in a family or friends oriented setting. The whole point is to have fun with every one you are playing with and build bonds during family time. Online games usually eliminate this aspect of the game even though some allow you to chat between other gamers, it’s simply not the same. Another disadvantage of online gaming is the fact that it can be a gateway platform to gambling problems. People that fall in love with the ease of online gaming may find themselves indulging in online gambling also. This can be okay if the person has enough self-control because online gambling can be very dangerous and risky (

According to Jim Brown, in modern society, people can enjoy many kinds of entertainment including playing sports, going camping, shopping or playing online games. Playing online games is increasing in popularity especially among the young generation because of the advantages it offers. However, people should be careful with this due to its disadvantages.

One of the most obvious benefits that online games bring to the players is that it is...
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