Reflective Essay

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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Danh Nguyen
Mr. Goldberg
Rhetoric 120

Reflective essay
Poverty has always been present in both rich and poor countries around the world. Vietnam is not an exception. Vietnam, the pearl of the East, shines beautifully with a charming culture and a long glorious history. However, hiding underneath that beauty, the present of poverty is still out there in the big cities as well as in the countryside. The longing war that Vietnam had been through with Mongolian, China, France, United States and the natural calamities have hurt this beautiful country mentally, physically and economically. My parents and I, as the “dragon and fairy descendants” as claimed in the Vietnamese myth, always give a hand in helping people that are out there suffering. It was a great experience for me to join the charity events, which hosted by my father, to reach out to help the unfortunate people in Vietnam. It has given me a chance to open my eyes to see the world around me. Summer of 2009, I was in Vietnam at that time to enjoy my joyful summer vacation after a stressful semester at the University of San Francisco. I had planned out a trip to visit all the famous cities throughout Vietnam to learn more about my beautiful country. Sadly, a strong typhoon had attacked and caused a dramatic loss for the central coast of Vietnam. Central coast of Vietnam is known as the poorest part in the country because of the devastation of the natural calamities that happen there every year. Thousands of houses and hundreds of lives had taken away by the typhoon. My hometown, Quang Ngai, was badly affected by this natural calamity since it was also in the central part of Vietnam. My father, a successful businessman, was a director of a charity organization in Ho Chi Minh City. With that incident, my father knew that he could not turn his back to the people that needed his help. He formed a group of young people who were passionate in helping those people in the central coast. As a young kid who was...
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