Vietnam History, Understanding History, Week 1 Assignment

Topics: Vietnam, History of Vietnam, Vietnamese people Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: July 20, 2012
Understanding History to Know Value of Culture

DeVry University

HIST415: Vietnam and the 20th Century Experience

Instructor T. Sumner

Summer A 2012

Vietnam is a remote land with a vast array of forests and wetlands, which are rich in wildlife and natural resources. For this reason, many more advanced nations attempted to overtake Vietnam in conquest. Vietnamese history is scattered with war, slavery, and triumph. Outside influences attempted to help the struggling country re-build and repair a torn culture (Hai Venu, 2009). To better understand a culture there needs to be an understanding of the people that made up the history. In this paper, a better understanding will be gained to why the Vietnamese people are so passionate and have fought so hard for their freedom (Vietnam & 20th Century Experience, Lesson 1). Understanding History

To understand why the people of Vietnam fight so hard for freedom one must understand their history. The country is underdeveloped with rich natural resources. Sitting on a beautiful coastal region, Vietnam was ripe for conquest and there were several countries ready and willing to take that step. When the French came to Vietnam they were under the pretence of peace while slowly digging in roots. The Vietnamese people soon realized that there was an ulterior agenda as the French attacked, took over, and colonized on their land. The people of Vietnam has had centuries of fighting for their freedom and their land from the Chinese in centuries past, however they re-visited the communist influence when the French invaded. Realizing that communism was an improvement to slavery, forces were united and the resistance was born (Hai Venu, 2009).

The desperation of the Vietnamese people to have no other option but to turn to communist China for help shouted throughout the world and got the attention of America. The French had control over the nation for...
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