History of Cambodia 2006-2013

Topics: Cambodia, Norodom Sihanouk, Khmer Rouge Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: March 30, 2013
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Lay Sokvichear
Personal History

During my time, I knew very little about my country due to the fact that I was living outside of the country. I had spent my childhood in the USA since 1999. I had no knowledge of the Cambodian history while I was out of the country at that time. Furthermore, I wasn’t educated with the history of Cambodia because Americans taught their own history, so the history that I had known of is the foreign history of the USA. Opposing from that, before I left Cambodia in 1999, I had experienced some historical events in Cambodia that I could never forget. In 1998 PM Hun Sen won the election for the CPP. During the time of elections, there were commotions that a war between the parties might be happening, so many families in Cambodia prepared food and shelter in case there was a war and my family also prepared. We also dug ditches in the ground to cover from the war. I was little at that time but this was an event that affected many in the country so I could never forget.

I had returned to Cambodia in 2006, from there I had learned many historical events during my time. One event that I remember was July 2006, Ta Mok who was one of the leaders of the Khmer Rouge died at age 80. I learned that Cambodian court was keeping hostage of the Khmer Rouge leaders to sentence them for their crime. There were always fights between Cambodia and neighboring countries for the land of Cambodia referring to 2008 event when Thailand wanted to claim Preah Vihear temple for their own. In July 2008 PM Hun Sen sent troops to dispute over the land at Preah Vihear. My father is a soldier so I had updated information from my father of what was going on during that time. In October 2008, 2 Khmer soldiers died from exchanging fires with the Thai troops. The feud continues to 2011 when two Thai soldiers were captured by the Khmer soldiers for spying. Thai and Cambodia exchange...
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