Some General Knowledge About Cambodia

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Business Hours
There is a different work hours between government and private offices. For government offices, the routine work hours is on Monday- Saturday since 7.30am until 4.30pm with breaking for the lunch time while private offices normally have no break by use working on one's shift instead to keep longer hours for example; shops, supermarket, etc. How to Work

Cambodian have customs and tradition to have long and suitable relationships in any business. They trust having proper behavior is more important than work performance for example; if you are honest, responsible for your tasks, polite and respect to the superiors or the higher powers, etc. The higher power will concern and give some rewards to the good employees such as money or power. To give and opinion, Cambodian employees prefer to follow the superiors’ opinion than against them. Gift

Cambodians prefer to improve their English skills to enhance themselves to the internationally therefore, the English books, magazines or language tapes are popular to be the gifts for any business. Shoes and socks are unsuitable for the gifts because cultures they believe that the foot is the lowest of their body according to Buddhist cultures. Moreover, green and red are popular for wrapping the gifts instead of white because Cambodians believe this color is the symbol of unlucky. Other things about Cambodia

Similar to other Asian countries, smiling or laughing is not illustrated only positive conditions such as happiness, agreement, etc. but it also includes negative conditions such as embarrassment. If you want to do business with Cambodians, to know the characteristics and cultures of Cambodia is recommended to avoid misunderstand interpreting. •Generally, Cambodians usually polite and respect to the higher power in the society. This customs is trained and learned in the family first then expand to the society unconsciously for example; children have to obey their parents when they are at home and also followed their teachers which normally are monks. In Cambodia, monks are the higher status and usually teach to other people therefore, they are considered as the authority in the society. •Society in Cambodia influenced by the male. Notice from the school normally the headmaster is a male who is the repository of knowledge or in any business male is regarded as the higher power status than female.

Cambodia has a long history of culture and civilization which mainly influenced by Indian country. Notice from the Cambodians’ life involve with the religions of Buddhism and also Hinduism. Cambodia population around 95 percent is Theravada Buddhist according to relies on reasonableness, personal experience, and critical analysis. This is the main Buddhist in Southeast Asia including Cambodia which affected Cambodians’ culture and etiquette in nowadays and the other are Islam, atheism, or animism respectively. For example; the conceptual ideas about karma, collectivism, and saving face plays and important roles in the daily life of Cambodians. For karma, this idea involves with the rationality and law of action. If you do something, something will be happened follow things that you did. For collectivism, Cambodians prefer give priority to family, group, and society rather than the individual. This idea also concerns about saving face which tries to avoid losing someone’s face in any transactions. Losing face can be occurred when someone is criticized or is given compliments in the public. Therefore, if you want to do business with Cambodia, you should be aware of this action to assure that you are not misunderstanding this concept. The followings are the tips for saving Face; •Not to shout at someone or give complaints them in front of others and in the public. •No matter how inconvenient of a situation is, try not to make it worse by losing your temper! •When receiving the gifts, it is the traditional to refuse the gift very politely first but at the end...
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