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Assignment Objective
• IMC can create competitive advantage, boost sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress. • It wraps communications around customers and helps them move through the various stages of the buying process. • This 'Relationship Marketing' cements a bond of loyalty with customers which can protect them from the inevitable onslaught of competition. • IMC also increases profits through increased effectiveness. At its most basic level, a unified message of RED BULL has more impact than a disjointed myriad of messages. • This IMC boost sales of RED BULL by stretching messages across several communications tools to create more avenues for customers to become aware, aroused, and ultimately, to make a purchase by effectively shortening the search process. • Finally, IMC saves money as it eliminates duplication in areas such as graphics and photography since they can be shared and used in say, advertising, exhibitions and sales literature. • Horizontal, Vertical , Internal and External Integration achieved by Red Bull.



RED BULL – as a Brand - SWOT Analysis [pic]

Marketing Objectives

Expand market share within energy drink


• To differentiate ourselves from competitors

• Develop a breakthrough marketing campaign

that attracts our aspiring thrill seeker target

Target Market

• Young people - open to determined exhaustion and insufficient energy.

• Career driven fashionable females looking for other benefits as vitamins ,slim making and longer period energy

• Health watchers through launching sugar free RB and focusing on other ingredients in the original RB as vitamins.

• Appeal to very specialized groups, such as gamers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and the hip-hop crowd.

Positioning Statement

For the thrill seeker, Red Bull is the energy drink that steps up your game because it’s the

original, leading energy beverage that amps up your energy.

• Desired Brand Impression: Preferred choice among a hoard of brands present in the Energy Drinks market.

• Advertising Objectives: Recency & Reach

• Advertising Character: Humorous and edgy

Marketing objectives

Short-Term Objectives

The company used recent studies on the new health and brain benefits as the basis of its press releases and advertising campaigns through aggressive marketing strategy

Introduce the new available product versions as Kryptonite, Brainergy ,Sugar Free.

Focusing on the wrong health claims that original Red Bull had been facing

Long-Term Objectives:

· Customer Loyalty perceiving Red Bull as a major choice at thirst ,with health benefits ,differentiated flavors, reasonable prices

· Continuing its innovative research and development strategy to come up with new flavors and products using its extensive research facilities on product improvement.

IMC Objectives


• Delivering new Products’ Image

• Healthy

• Brain energy

• Multi flavors(Regular /Berry/Coffee )

• Slim making (Sugar Free)

• Average priced

• High Quality

• Natural Ingredients

Distribution Strategy

Intensive distribution aims to provide saturation coverage of the market by

using all available outlets such as:

• Super markets,

• Gyms

• Coffee Houses as Costa Coffee

• Hyper markets

• School and college cafeterias

• Pharmacies

Promotion strategy

· Promise & Support: All benefits you need from Body health to brain health

· Slogan: “Charge Up on Red Bull ”

· Theme: Red Bull For every One Core Benefit:- Fulfillment

· Functional Benefit:- Makes Energy

· Push VS Pull: Push Strategy is applied as benefits and values are announced

expecting demand in response

· Value...
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