Global Integrated Marketing Communications - Marks & Spencer in Uk & Uae

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Global Integrated Marketing Communications
Marks & Spencer in UK & UAE

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An organisation needs an image, which projects itself as a responsible and trustworthy which is not only interest in making money but also places the interest of its customers as well. In this assignment we will review different aspects of Globally Integrated Marketing Strategy and our focused organisation will be Marks & Spencer. We will focus on its IMC practices and how they act as part of the organisation’s strategic framework. The study will consider M&S operations in UK and UAE for its research purposes and will elaborate how resembles as well as differs in the two environments. Finally, with the launch of a new product line we will try to incorporate how a new product needs to integrated into the existing overall structure and marketing framework of the organisation.


Table of Contents
Part A - Integrated Marketing Communications3
Company Overview4
Objectives and Products4
Marks & Spencer’s Integrated Marketing Communications5
Marks & Spencer in UK6
Marks & Spencer in UAE7
Special marketing features for UAE7
Similarities in UK and UAE Marks & Spencer7
Differences in UK and UAE Marks & Spencer8
Challenges of practicing IMC8
Part –B New Product Plan9
Business Plan10
Budget and Gantt chart10

Part A - Integrated Marketing Communications

“Integration of communications – as with anything else, attempts to combine, integrate, and synergise different elements of the promotional mix, so to consumers, messages through a variety of different mechanisms look, sound, and feel alike” (Kitchen et al. 2004: 18). According to Kotler and Armstrong (2008), companies using IMC techniques “carefully integrates its many communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organisation and its brands” (Kotler and Armstrong 2008). Marketing is therefore, the act of building of an organisation’s relation with its targeted customers. For any organisation whose primary objective is to maximise profit, needs to have bond of trust and confidence with its customers. An organisation needs an image, which projects itself as a responsible and trustworthy which is not only interest in making money but also places the interest of its customers as well. This requires a comprehensive display of sincerity from all corners of the organisation, all which should present a ‘one voice’ message to its recipients that the organisation is committed towards the well-being of its customers as much as they want to make profit. Marketing is one such tool that an organisation to develop and display its impression, urging its targeted audience to enter into a relation of trust and mutual interest.

“There has also been a trend away from the use of traditional communications strategies, based largely on mass communications, delivering generalised messages, to one based on more personalised, customer-oriented and technology-driven approaches, referred integrated marketing communications” (Fill 2006).

To present its message, an effective marketing communications process is of core importance but there are some pre-requisites attached to it. An organisation in order to transmit its marketing communication message needs to integrate and align all its corners in a single direction. But the single most important factor is the integration of organisation marketing communications with its overall strategy. A marketing communication strategy can only be successful if it’s in complete integration with the organisation’s strategic goals and objectives and exhibit an integrated formalise approach, allowing customers to build an image of the organisation as trustworthy and responsible organisation. Finally the selection of media, which acts...
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