Red Bull Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Energy drink Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: February 10, 2011

Q1. How will you characterize Red Bull's overall global marketing strategy? Red Bull has built an image as a trendy energy drink, catering to young adults and young professionals between the age groups of (16-29) years. It also targets young club-goers and private parties in order to spread its picture as a stylish drink. It also believes that it is not just selling a beverage, but instead it is selling a ‘way of life’. Red Bull also uses a catchy slogan as ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. These non –traditional marketing strategies of Red Bull are not unique to any market. The term ‘Glocal’ means to market globally, yet tailor the ‘message’ to appeal to local tastes. Red Bull does not follow a Glocal Marketing Strategy, as it does not alter the marketing techniques to any particular country. In all the markets, they cater to the same crowd and use the same pricing, distribution and advertising methods. Red Bull only offers its product in one size (250ml) cans, and design all over the world. Businesses that use global marketing embark on the same product, same marketing techniques and even the same brand names and packaging in all markets. Red Bull believes in marketing its product with one brand image all over the world. Hence, I can characterize Red Bull’s overall marketing strategy as ‘Global’. In addition, Red Bull does not use local marketing strategies as they do not conform to local considerations. Example Red Bull offers only two varieties in all the countries irrespective of the local demand or taste for a new variant. It also uses the same marketing campaigns of 'buzz marketing' or word-of-mouth in all the countries, irrespective of the nature of market in a particular country.

Q.2 Argue for the most relevant segmentation criteria to be used in the International Marketing Selection process. The International Market Selection Process is a very complex process of foreign market screening that considers many factors. For a product...
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