Coca Cola Case Study

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  • Published : September 27, 2011
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Analysis Coca-cola Amatil’ brand Mount Franklin market segment from case study This essay depend on the case study ‘water, water, everywhere’ to analysis Coca cola Amitil’ brand Mount Franklin bottled water’s major market segment, and justify the reason of why this is the prime target segment for Mount Franklin. Coca-cola Amatil’s brand Mount Franklin is the number-one brand of bottled water in Australia. An effective market segment can be a reason of that. ‘A market segment consists of a group of customers who share a similar set of needs and wants’ (Kotler, Keller & Burton, 2009). 04). Segmentation helps organisations to manage diverse customer needs by identifying homogenous market segments (Dibb & Simkin, 2010). In this essay, I will analyse Mount Franklin major market segment follow by the major segmentation variables-geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural segmentation (Kotler, Keller & Burton, 2009).

‘Geographic segmentation calls for dividing the market into different geographical units such as nations, states, regions, countries, cities, or neighborhoods’ (Kotler, Keller & Burton, 2009,p213). Coca-cola Amatil (CCA) is the local Coca-cola licensee, manufacturer and bottler operating in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (AFR business case study) Mount Franklin as one of CCA’s brand certainly targeted in these countries, and especially for Australian urban people. As case study said that ‘as little as 20 years ago the market share of bottled water in Australia was almost zero’, means that focus on Australia as a target market because of it has a potential market. ‘Demographic segmentation is divide the market into groups on the basis of variables such as age, family size, family life cycle, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, nationality, and social class’ (Kotler, Keller & Burton, 2009, p215). According to the Australian Bottled Water Institute, bottled water is consumed by...
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