Integrated Marketing Commuhnications Plan for Electric Car Company

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Integrated Marketing Communications

Lecturer: Angela Hall

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Goingreen

June Gil - 09980845

1. Integrated Marketing Communications Plan and Schedule and Justification

Our previous work has shown that Goingreen needs to undertake a series of marketing communication activities in order to meet the objectives established in the previous report:

▪ ‘Re-position the brand as a low cost/convenience option amongst 30% of London urban drivers in the next 12 months’

▪ ‘Improve brand awareness by 25% in London urban drivers over 45, and who are ABs, in the next 12 Months.’

▪ ‘Improve understanding of the GoinGreen Brand Personality amongst 30% of London urban drivers in the next 12 Months.’

This section presents a one year integrated communications plan/schedule to help achieve this goal (see appendix 1.1 for sources), as well as justification for the tools used.

Gantt Chart

[Marcoms Plan]

Project Lead: _________________
Today’s Date: _18/01/2010______
Start Date: _01/01/2010_________

|  |TASKS |START |END | site -
|Banner |468 x 60 |£15.00 |CPM |

[Source: BRAD]

Figure 1.2 (Highest ROI Generating Tools)

Source: Marketing Charts

Figure 1.3 (Target audience)

▪ Motivations:
Environmentally friendly
Those looking to save money (Mintel, 2008)1

Current Target Audience – Environmentally Concerned

▪ Characteristics:
➢ Environmentally aware – active, organic food, technologically savvy ( ➢ Wealthier consumers – higher income than average – Abs (Klein, 2007) ➢ Age - Over 45s have increased environmental concern (Mintel, 2007) ➢ Education – higher percentage with degrees (Curtin at al. 2009) ➢ Gender – higher proportion of women, but these defer the purchase decision to men and other family members (Curtin et al., 2009)

SO Over 45s and Abs a target audience opportunity…

New target audiences – those looking to save money

▪ Recession
➢ Consumer preference for price, reliability and fuel consumption as oppose to style, design and comfort (Mintel, 2008)2 ➢ Rising Fuel Prices and increased road charging schemes (Mintel, 2008)2 ➢ Increase in the purchase of small cars ( for fuel savings, and cost savings ) (Mintel, 2009)2 ➢ Car purchases are being deferred (Mintel, 2009)1

▪ Positive Brand Attributes
➢ Lower tax
➢ No congestion/parking charges
➢ No fuel cost
➢ Government incentives for EVs (


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