Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment and Selection, the HR Planning Process and the Role of the HR Practitioner in the processKai Chung 01072161

Human Resource Management Report

1.0 Attracting and Recruiting3
2.0 HR Planning5
3.0 Equality Act 20105
4.0 Involvement of the human resource practitioner7
5.0 Section Methods8
6.0 Bibliography11

Recruitment and Selection, the HR Planning Process and the Role of the HR Practitioner in the process 1.0 Attracting and Recruiting
The priority for Tesco is to recruit internally; potential applicants are scouted with their Talent Plan to fill a vacancy. Employees looking for a promotion are targeted first, if there are no compatible people in the Talent Plan or developing within the businesses internal management program then Tesco will advertise the vacancy internally on its staff website for two weeks. Benefits

An incentive for employees to work hard therefore rewards good employees. •Cost Effective due to not having to advertise externally in expensive mediums e.g. magazines, newspapers etc. •The business is already familiar with the skills and capability of the candidates. •Motivation can occur as it provides an increase in employee empowerment. •Shorter introduction period needed as the candidate is already familiar with the operations and activities of the business. (

Limited applicants given that you are only able to choose from the pool within the business. •Lack of new ideas and perspectives introduced externally as people on the outside may have different experiences from business that they have work for in the past and innovative ideas. •May cause conflict between potential candidates and resentment from those not promoted or not given the opportunity. •As the employee(s) gets promoted this creates another vacancy. (

Every restaurant franchise is responsible for filling hourly-paid positions this is empowered through McDonald's recruitment policy. The management recruitment department generally advertises the position in the restaurant for recruiting hourly paid employees. However, there are other method that they use such as job centers, careers fairs and other local facilities. Benefits

People on the outside can bring in new ideas and perfective that can aid innovation and improve productivity. •Larger pool of potential applicants from which to find the best candidate. •May reduce training expenses by as experienced candidates can be employed. •Diversifies the business, helps company’s aims of meeting their diversity requirements. •Does not create conflict between employees.

Longer process due the need to attract externally.
More costly from the requirement of interviewing and advertising. •Could cause morale problems as internal candidates are not given the opportunity for a promotion. •Requires longer orientation or introduction period.

Selection process may not be effective to reveal the best candidate. (Aswathappa, K. 2005)
2.0 HR Planning
"A systematic process for identifying the human resources required to meet organisational goals and developing strategies to meet those requirements. It defines the activities necessary to have "the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time." ( Tesco

Given that Tesco's is putting emphasis on growth, the company needs to recruit regularly to keep up with the demands of the business and its operations for both food and non-food parts of the business. The process runs annually from end of February. Quarterly reviews in May, August and November are used to assess current staffing levels and whether recruitment is needed. McDonald's

McDonald's labor turnover is usually high due to the most of them being in education (varies from differing franchises) hence HR planning is a monthly process that requires the assessment of...
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