Employee Recruitment and Selection

Topics: Recruitment, Prison, Employment Pages: 6 (1244 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Employee Recruitment and Selection

David Custer, Tim Grady, Perfecto Luna, Tiffany Servatius, Cinde Vongprachanh

HRM/531 Human Capital Management

November 14, 2012

Thomas (Skip) Wilkins

Employee Recruitment and Selection

Employee recruitment and selection has become increasingly challenging in today’s organizational environments. Intense competition among employers demand that organizations continually develop innovative recruitment tactics to identify, appeal to, and employ the best qualified people in their respective industries. Furthermore, organizational success will weaken without the necessary talent to accomplish goals and objectives; therefore, management must make employee recruitment and selection one of its top priorities (Cascio, 2010). The Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System is such an organization that requires innovative recruitment and selection strategies and must compete with other organizations to attract the best qualified people. To illustrate this point, Team C will summarize the department’s job description for Correctional Officer, including position details, job duties, performance standards, and job factors. The team will also seek to identify recruitment and selection methods most likely consistent with the Department of Justice and its strategies to fulfill correctional officer positions. Team C will provide even more clarity with a concept map that summarizes the identified recruitment and selection methods. Finally, in conclusion, the team will provide further rationale for the decisions made with developing these methods.

Correctional Officer Job Description

Position Details

The Correctional Officer position is a full-time position with the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison Agency. This position is open for prisons nationwide. The position salary will range from $38,619 to $51,193 per year, depending on the applicant’s qualifications and experience (USA Jobs, n.d.).

Job Duties

The Correctional Officer will provide direct supervision to inmates, including necessary corrective actions and provisions. Candidates will administer governing directives regarding prison security, inmate accountability, and inmate behavior. At times, officers may be approved to carry firearms, engage in bodily restraint, and use lethal actions, to preserve civil orderliness of inmates. Officers must be flexible with work hours because of unexpected workloads, including extended shifts, weekends, holidays, and overtime. Officers will require thorough knowledge of Bureau of Prison operating guidelines with ability to initiate problem-solving for inmate situational or circumstantial issues (USA Jobs, n.d.).

Performance Standards

Correctional officer trainees receive a monthly evaluation and rated on 22 performance factors. Performance factors include: supervision of inmates, equipment inspection and operations, prevention of contraband, collection of evidence, and ethical conduct. Factors include also following policies and procedures, supervision of inmates, inspection of inmate living quarters and work areas, and helpfulness in the rehabilitation of offenders (US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2010).

Job Factors

Consideration for the position requires the following qualifications:

• Completion of a four-year bachelor’s degree program from an accredited higher institute of learning. • OR at least three years of full-time general experience in occupations such as teacher, counselor, juvenile counselor, parole/social worker, EMT, firefighter, nurse, security guard, or similar occupations. • OR one-year specialized experience that demonstrates correctional work and personal attributes of effective correctional officers such as ability to lead, supervise, and instruct others (USA Jobs,...
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