Quality Assurance

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1.0 JMC has developed its own quality system to meet required quality standard and time schedule In order to adhere uncompromising quality standards at every stage of construction activities. QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN is being introduced at site to produce quality product.

2.0 Quality Assurance plan consists of all the planned and systematic actions to be undertaken by JMC involved in execution and acceptance of the works involved in the contract. The plan consist all the operations which are to be performed, the systematic and sequential progression of operations the persons responsible for each activity and the measures employed to assure the specific quality. Thus, it is imperative to ensure that product and services are inspected, checked and approved at all stages from commencement of work including receipt of material to its completion in so far as utilization.


Quality Assurance Procedure consists the following phases.

1. Pre-construction phase
2. During construction phase
3. Post Construction phase

3.1Quality Control during pre-construction phase

During this phase various activities are undertaken and a system is put in place and activated in order to ensure that:

a.Source of all bldg. Materials are approved in advance.
b.Execution procedure of each activity is understood properly by execution dept. c.All activities, at all locations begin as planned in time. d. The support system is efficient enough to sustain the quality and progress of work as planned.

c. Quality and progress at all times during construction phase remain unaffected and unhindered.

3.1.1. Material: It is ensured that all materials received at site are tested / inspected as per criteria for each material at external/internal laboratory at site by QC engineer. Untested materials are properly...
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