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Topics: Management, Quality management, Quality assurance Pages: 7 (2427 words) Published: November 9, 2012
BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Initiative Proposal Team A
September 29, 2012
Belvia Payne

BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Initiative Proposal Part I: BJB Manufacturing Company Quality Management Initiative Proposal

Every company wants to be successful and with doing so there are many issues that have to be set and followed. Several ideas of success for BJB are quality, quantity, and production. BJB will establish a quality management system that will monitor every step in each process to ensure only the best quality, quantity, and production are made and every order is made for our customers and future customers. BJB selected Karoru Ishikawa‘s theory because his theory expressed the sentiments and principles about quality BJB managers would like to employ. BJB will address specifically how this theory will benefit the company and how the process is driven and will drive the customers to purchase the company’s product. BJB will also describe how the company will apply the quality requirements in manufacturing and in the service industries. Determine what needs the stakeholders may have for BJB’s products

Two things that BJB needs to consider are the needs of the company and the needs of its consumers. According to "Understanding the Needs of Stakeholders" (2007-2012) the key needs of a stakeholder are; “review the various types of stakeholders their working requirement, needs, and wants; participation in the formation and implementation planning of the project; providing them knowledge of the project evaluation criteria and risk. Keep regular communication and feedback throughout the project; respect the committee’s consideration and respect their values; and complete a project completion evaluation and reporting back to the committee.” The stakeholders of BJB have high standards for our company and expect high expectations from the employees of BJB and need feedback from every level of the team to ensure that BJB are meeting the needs and demands of the customers. The stakeholders will also expect a survey from our customers to make sure they are satisfied with the product. Analyze the product and needs of BJB

Blue Jasmine Brothers (BJB) Manufacturing Company has an impeccable reputation in the home electronics market. BJB has pragmatic aspirations of manufacturing high-end compact disc (CD) changers for new and aftermarket automobiles. The organization has comprised a unit that can mount either under the driver or passenger seat or in a pre-designated location in the rear, glove compartment, or trunk of a vehicle. The unit dimensions are relatively small only six” x nine” in diameter. The unit houses a cartridge that has the capability of storing six or 12 CDs granting the user endless of hours of musical enjoyment. BJB’s design will incorporate two distinctive connections for new and aftermarket cars. The unit for new cars will incorporate a direct-link connection to the factory car stereo or BJB has an optional aftermarket stereo capable of manipulating the unit via remote or through direct access of the head-unit. BJB’s second link will employ a radio-frequency connection. The unit will house a two-inch display that uses a pre-determined radio station for audio output. With either set-up, BJB will need specifications for each car manufacturer’s automobiles to determine the best location and installation of its CD changer. BJB’s CD changers are elite in the world of automotive electronics. The organization produces its units to exacting specifications, which yields the best possible performance. BJB has produced quality audio entertainment units for several years and with this new venture the organization’s reputation must remain at the forefront to ensure that a superior product is installed in each automobile. BJB has to ensure each car manufacturer that its product will enhance the value of their automobiles. BJB’s design team will...
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