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Topics: Quality management system, Quality management, Management Pages: 4 (831 words) Published: May 3, 2013
BJB Manufacturing Quality Management Theory. Part ll
Martina Hayes, Hattie Healy, Eric Kirk, Carina Manchisi, Noreen Wembly MGT/420
April 15, 2013
Linda Chavis, Instructor

BJB Manufacturing Quality Management Theory. Part ll
Quality theories of the early twentieth century are the framework of modern quality management systems (QMS). Contained in the following paragraphs include the quality theory of Joseph Juran as the chosen quality system of ideas for BJB Manufacturing and the reasons this theory fits best for a successful QMS. In addition, this paper investigates how Juran’s theories, customer and, process-driven theories apply to manufacturing and service industries. Quality Theory

A quality theory called Juran trilogy added to BJB Manufacturing Company will improve the production process tremendously. The three managerial processes; planning, quality control and, quality improvement, will regulate the BJB’s team making it possible for them to become the premier producer of high–end CD changers. With quality planning an examination of the operating conditions will take place to determine every aspect of the original set-up that BJB needs to change. This includes: Identifying and determining the needs of customers, both internal and external, indentifying and specifying the necessary products along with cost awareness and, showing how the new process will achieve the objective. Quality control involves making sure that the changes made during quality planning performs and operates effectively according to plan. Quality improvement is the action that continues to take the process to the next level. It ensures that the set-up will never become outdated or obsolete. The BJB industry by applying this theory will enable the company to carry out the desire to penetrate a new market segment and continue to advance. Process-driven Process

The process-driven quality approach focus on making improvements in the quality of the process applied to...
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