Publicity Strategy Used by the Dot in Bukidnon

Topics: Tourism, Sales promotion, Marketing Pages: 6 (1402 words) Published: May 26, 2011
Bujidnon State University
College of Community Education and Industrial Technology

Promotional Tools of the Department of Tourism on Natural Tourist Spots in Bukidnon

Agpaoa, Eron
Sablayan, Syjane
Ledama, Renei Joy
Chapter 1

The Problem


Promotional tool is defined as a communication link between sellers and buyers for the purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading a potential buyers purchasing decision retrieved from wikipedia. This will help the product to be well- known to the public. Promotional tool is to very important in commercial and non commercial industries like hospitals, school and universities to arouse their marketing interest. Televisions, radio, newspapers, internet and word-of-mouth are some common forms used in promotion. A very good promotional tool will help a particular business to gain more profit because of the market popularity about the product. The more familiar the product is the more possibility that he market will demand on it, that is why promotional tool of particular firm should be well developed, convenient to the public and applicable to the market.

Business industries are one of the sectors in the industry that uses promotional tool for the awareness of the market and their product. Aside from that is the tourism industry. Tourism may be defined as a travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes (wikipedia).

Tourism brings money to the public by tourist spots. A very good tourist spots will lead to a progressive living, as what Sec. Ace Durano (said) “kung maraming turismo maraming trabaho” and that is really true, because a single tourist spot can give profit to many businesses. An example is a tourist who dines in restaurant could give benefit to the restaurant and the restaurant will purchase new ingredients from the market which will give the market a profit, and the market will buy again supplies from the farmers. And that is the greatest effect of tourism in the country and the most important tool for a good and progressive tourism in promoting.

Bukidnon became very well known because of its asset which is tourism. Philippines is not rich financially but it’s abundant in natural tourist spots. There are many tourist spots in the different regions of the country. These tourist spots become familiar to other countries because of a good promotional tool that the government used.

Tourism really developed, if a good promotional tool will be used. The Department of Tourism (DOT) uses internet, televisions, newspapers, brochures, and even in some appliances like the very well known Magic Sing which uses the different tourist spots in the Philippines as its background. Those are some of the advertising techniques that they used.

The researchers, being the residents of Bukidnon, want to know the promotional tool used by the Department of Tourism of Buidnon’s tourist spots. It has been observed that tourist spots in Bukidnon do not even know other tourist spots in Bukidnon and even on the location of the tourist spots.

The researcher focuses on the promotional tool used in tourism industry in Bukidnon to know the reasons why it is not familiar, and conduct a study to know the specific rules and approaches used in solving problem on the not well known tourist spots in Bukidnon.

Conceptual Framework

This study is based on the concept of Libed (1980), that region X has been singled out of te major tourist destinations in 1979. It was reported that 179 international tourist had been recorded to have visited the province. By that, promotional tools are focused on this study to promote Bukidnon natural tourist spots.

According to McDonough and Ackert (2002), Promotion is the activities of people to communicate with others about business. In tourism, this includes wide variety of activities including brochures,...
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