The Importances of Marketing Communication

Topics: Marketing, Decision making Pages: 12 (4407 words) Published: February 4, 2013
In the course of carrying out this research, I will be looking at the important marketing communication factors within the marketing of products, the factors that influences the consumers buying behaviors within business in general Secondly, I will be looking into the views and ideas of some various scholars on consumers buying behavior and the important of communication in enhancing customer’s relationship within the function of marketing. Finally I will be looking at the major element of communication on business and a research exercise will be carryout to find out the various opinions on the influences of consumers buying behavior and how promotional message (communication) have influenced their own buying behavior as a consumer, And also I will be making recommendations on how promotional messages (communication) can be improved in order to influence more buyers in the marketing of goods/services.

Marketing communication is not just a communication that defined the kind of message exchange, is the relationship that defined the organization to consumer which is the medium through which a source develops a message, transmits it to an audience via some form of medium, and obtains feedback from the audience and it is important because so as to generate, store, analyze, disseminate anticipated marketing decision information on a regular continuous basis. Marketing communication has no meaning without the elaboration of different features of product. Advertiser highlights different aspects of product whether it is the performance or the appearance depending upon the objective of the communication. Some of these feature of products usually with packaging, quality, appearances, taste, styles, design and even reliability. Most writers see packaging as the unique way to crates promotional opportunity Jewell (2000 p283) explains packaging provides a unique opportunity in the promotional activities and constantly reminds the customers to buy the products. Marketing communications plays a grates in the buying behavior of consumers as the research goes on we will see more on how consumers life style is been influenced in the buying patterns on good/services, Jewell (2000, p.104) explains that lifestyle is the pattern of spending and the visible manifestation of the local environment while Kotler (2006, p.183) believes it is the pattern of a person’s living in the environment which is shown in his thinking, activities, interests and the opinion about such things. As the work goes on we will see more on these influences of consumers buying and their decision process towards purchases. 1.1 Statement of Problem:

Marketing communication is one of the most convincing ways in which most business presents their problem to the public in order to create awareness about their products/services and what they have to offer to the consumers. Many business we see today presents themselves in a different ways, forms and even styles to the audiences to draw their attention toward them, McDonalds, M &S, Muller, KFC, supermarkets like, Tesco, Sainsbury and even the coca cola companies has benefited through the use of communication in targeting consumer which has contributed to the success of their company. The potent problem of marketing communication and the influences of buyer’s behaviours are listed below How importance’s marketing communication is on our business Factors affecting buyers’ behaviours and their decision making. 1.2 Purpose of Study:

The primary aim of this research work is to take an in-depth look into the importance of marketing communication factors and the reason behind it as well as looking in to the factors that influence the consumers buying behavior through the use of promotional messages such...
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