Business Btec P1 Unit 9

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P1: Exploring Creative Product Promotion
You are in the role of a researcher employed by a marketing magazine and have been asked to investigate a number of promotional activities that may form the basis of future articles in editions of the magazine.

The two organisations that I am going to use to describe the promotional mix are world renowned companies in technology, Apple and Samsung. Apple and Samsung are without a doubt, leaders in their respective fields, in terms of technological entertainment. They mainly specialise in selling their own Smartphone’s and Tablet computers, but also sell a vast amount of other technological products. For example, in 2001, Apple broke the technological barrier with the iPod, becoming the dominant market leader in music players worldwide. Whereas Samsung Electronics is the world's largest mobile phone maker. Promotional Mix

The promotional mix is how a business attempts to communicate with various target audiences and is a key element in the overall marketing mix. There are 6 main points which the promotional mix revolves around, these are; * Advertising -Presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by a sponsor. * Publicity/Public relations - Paid stimulation of supply for a product, service, or business unit etc. by planting significant news about it or a favorable presentation of it in the media. * Sponsorship- When a company or a business pays a substantial fee to another property i.e. Sports, Entertainments etc in return for the exploitation of that property in order to advertise the business. * Sales promotions- Media and non-media marketing communications are employed to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability. * Personal selling- A process of persuading one or more customers to purchase a good or service through the use of an oral presentation. For example, direct phone calls, customer services etc. * Direct Marketing- Direct marketing uses databases to target any customer who has similar characteristics with the group at which the businesses intends to aim their products or services.

Apple uses many of the main points of promotional mix in order to promote and sell their product. As Apple is literally at its peak in their respective field, Apple is easily able to sell their products through various means of advertisements, sales promotions, personal selling etc. In the past two decades, Apple Inc. has become well known for its advertisements. Its most significant ad campaigns include the "1984" Super Bowl commercial, the 1990s Think Different campaign, and the "iPod people" of the 2000s. In 2006, Apple released a controversial series of twenty-four "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" advertisements as part of their "Get a Mac" campaign. The campaign officially ended in 2010. This is a link to a recent advertisement which aims to sell the “macbook”. For personal selling, Apple’s official website has multiple links to purchase an apple product.

These are a few effective examples of Apple promoting their products through advertisements. These advertisements are effective in promoting their products as they all consist of vibrant strong colours which automatically attract the audience.

Apple uses promotional methods using special short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market to respond or undertake their products. Examples of certain methods Apple uses for sales promotions are money back guarantees, lower purchase price etc. The Apples stores are very distinct and captivating from many other electronic stores because they display all of their products for consumers to experience hands- on. Consumers are allowed to surf the web on any of their computers, listen to the latest iPods, and experience the iPhone and its features. This lets consumers get comfortable with the products and...
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