Tourism and Local People

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Tourism is one of the most effective ways of redistributing wealth, by moving money into local economies from other parts of the country and overseas. It brings income into a community that would otherwise not be earned. Economic benefits

Economic benefits resulting from tourism can take a number of forms including: 1. Jobs
Employment may be associated directly, such as tour guide or managerial positions; or in supporting industries like food production or retail suppliers. 2. Increased spending
Increased spending in the community generated from visitors or tourism businesses can directly and indirectly promote the viability of local businesses. 3. Economic diversification
Tourism operators can play a role in highlighting the broad prosperity that tourism can bring to a community and will contribute to a greater understanding and respect for the value of tourism. Economic diversification is, for many communities, an insurance policy against hard times. By offering an additional means of income, tourism can support a community when a traditional industry is under financial pressure, particularly where that community relies heavily on a single industry. Case Study: Farmers markets

The popularity of farmers’ markets is increasing becoming a key driver of economic development in regional areas. Activities such as visits to farms and farmers’ markets, fruit picking and agricultural farm accommodation may provide important supplemental activities to struggling rural areas. Some of the benefits of Farmers’ Markets seen include: * Showcases local produce and local products

* Encourage visitors from other areas
* Showcase the local and regional areas
* Allows for community events to be incorporated
* Provides distribution opportunities for small businesses * Valuable contribution to the economic development of the area as money is spent locally 4. Infrastructure
Infrastructure including roads, parks, and other public spaces can be developed and improved both for visitors and local residents through increased tourism activity in a region. Social benefits
Community identity and pride can be generated through tourism. A positive sense of community identity can be reinforced and tourism can encourage local communities to maintain their traditions and identity. Environmental benefits

Providing financial or in-kind support for the conservation of the local environment and natural resources will enhance the reputation of any tourism business. Tourism, particularly ecotourism, can place a greater focus on the conservation of natural resources through the recognition of their importance to visitor experiences and their economic value to the local community.  Every year, millions of people travel to other countries for vacations, spending billions of dollars. This tourism can create jobs and improve lives, or it can lead to problems. In this essay, I will describe some of the effects of tourism and say why I think it is useful. Tourism can have some benefits. One advantage is that it creates jobs. Work is available in hotels, restaurants, travel businesses, taxis, entertainment centers resorts and many other places which serve tourists. Secondly, tourism can increase awareness of culture. Foreigners who visit the UAE can learn about the Emirati culture and tradition and religion, and vice versa. Finally, tourism can lead to a better environment. The government will clean the streets and try to reduce pollution. However, tourism can lead to many problems. First of all the income from tourism is not reliable. For example, last month in Egypt, there were some political problems, and suddenly it affected the tourism dramatically, which is very important for the economy. A second point is that the jobs from tourism are poorly paid. People working as waiters or cleaners do not receive high salaries. However, the most important point is that tourism can lead to problems such as lack of respect for the local culture, or...
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