Tourism Is a Necessary Evil

Topics: Malta, Tourism, Gozo Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Tourism is one of the main ways by which the small countries, such as Malta, earn money and find enough work for the population living. But it may also cause harm to the country by polluting not only the physical but also the culture environment.

Malta had saved its culture and traditions not only in old monuments but also in almost every house on the island. The styles of building has remained the same from many years ago, the closed windows from the outside, the rectangular balconies and the long double front doors had remained in the mind of every tourist who saw Malta.

There is a rich variety of places to go to, such as: The capital-Valletta, the beaches as Golden Bay or Mellieha, a lot of curches, The Blue Gotto or even a cruise to Gozo or Comino, the other two of the Maltese islands.

As an industry, tourism generates money not only from the hotels, where the tourists go to, but even from the cafe shops, restaurants or even shops for clothes and shoes. It also increases employment opportunities, mainly in hotels and restaurants, and provides foreign exchange for poor countries. In addition it's also a source of income to restore and maintain ancient monument and natural parks with the money which tourists leave to see them. Seen in this context, tourism is portrayed as a positive force.

However as a destroyer of fregile eco-sustems, source of pollution, there is a huge amount of rubbish which most of the tourisms are not throwing in the placed bins.Tourism is seen also as negative force because of the disrupted of native cultures.

As everyother thingon the Earth, even the tourism has its advantages and disadvantages.
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