[Impacts of Tourism Growth in Thailand and Its Sustainability]

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  • Published: August 21, 2013
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[Impacts of Tourism Growth in Thailand and its Sustainability]

TAN Jialin

* Executive Summary

Tourism growth has a great impact on the economy of any state; where on one hand it helps the economy to grow, on the other hand it creates socio-economic, environmental and cultural challenges which produce negative impacts on the overall economic development and sustainability of the country. First of all we will provide the introduction to the topic and will make the critical literature review which will include the work which has been already published by the researchers and scholars. Then we will be discussing the positive impacts which have been seen in the economy of Thailand due to the growth of tourism; and as well as the negative impacts which are crucial to be handled well for the sustainability of its economic growth. And in the end we will conclude our topic with the concluding remarks and will provide some important recommendations for Thailand at governmental, corporate and individual level in order to manage the tourism growth and handling the socio-economic, environmental and cultural issues arising due to the challenges of tourism in order to achieve growth in the economy as well as sustainability in its economic growth through increased standard of living and overall economic development of the country.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
2Literature Review4
3.1Positive Impacts7
3.1.1Contribution to GDP7
3.1.2Contribution to Employment9
3.1.3Contribution to Visitor Exports:10
3.1.4Contribution to Capital Investment11
3.2Negative Impacts12

This report is intended for creating understanding about the Impacts of Tourism Growth in Thailand and its sustainability. Tourism plays an important role in the economic development of a country [ (Ashley et al., 2007) ] and for the country...
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