Research on Tourism Development in Silang, Cavite

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As the Philippines has a natural competitive advantage in tourism because of the warmth of its people and its natural wonders that are yet to be fully harnessed, the government recognizes tourism as a major contributor to the generation of foreign exchange earnings, investments and revenues and to the growth of the country’s output. Global tourism growth has received an increased interest from the public sector, private sector, NGO’s and the academic world. This growing attention has its origin, not surprisingly, in the increased economic importance of the tourism industry for global economic growth. Tourism is one of those sectors that can demonstrate the global connections between cultures, nations, NGO’s and businesses. The effects of globalization are applauded by some and criticized by others. Positive voices are raised by those who see that international tourism growth brings large numbers of tourists and travellers to a destination and, as an effect, can create employment opportunities and increase revenues for many local stakeholders. Growth in arrivals can result in income growth and economic welfare, which is often seen as one of the important reasons for destination development, for example by local governments and private sector organizations. However, growing tourism activities also have impacts on people who belong to or reside at a destination. A destination is not only a tourism product for the international traveler. It is also an important place for many people to work, live, raise their children or start a new enterprise. Their lives, environment, culture and balances of power can change rapidly if tourism becomes an important driver of growth in their area. Many studies have focuses on this aspect of growth, and this research will identify the development of it.

Background of the Study
The municipality of Silang is blessed with natural tourism potentials that can be enhanced and developed into tourist destinations. Ilog ng bayan and Fresco Springs offer cool and refreshing spring’s ideal for family outings. Cabag Cave has Underground River that runs 50 meters inward. The forest can be increased to a total area of 185 hectares if reforested. The Hoyo Lagoon in Barangay Pook is another potential area for tourism development. Added to the natural tourism potentials are resorts with rest and recreational facilities where seminars, meetings and other forms of gatherings can be conducted. There are historical and cultural sites among of which are the Silang Church, one of the oldest Church in the Philippines and the La Sallete Shrine. Other landmarks may be further developed as potential tourist attractions. For the golf enthusiasts, the Riviera Golf Course and Country Club is already in operation. The tourism spill from the city of Tagaytay and Information Technology Center in the area, are factors for tourism boost in Silang. Restaurants and coffee shops offering bio-organic foodstuffs along the Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway form part of tourist attractions. An ornamental plant complements these attractions.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to determine and to find out the development of tourism in the municipality of Silang, Cavite. Specifically, this research aimed to answer the following questions: 1. What are the development needs of tourism in Silang, Cavite? 2. What are the existing tourist destinations in Silang, Cavite? 3. What are the other destinations that have potential to become one of the tourist spot? 4. What are the problems that the municipality encounters and their solution? 5. What are the plans and strategies that the local government used to implement?

Significance of the Study
This research study is of great importance to the native people of Silang also called Silangueños that will expose them on the development of tourism in their community. These are for them to know the importance of our natural resources and our...
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