Psy/201 Week 1 Assignment

Topics: Psychology, Learning styles, Education Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: December 1, 2010
PSY/201 Week 1 Assignment

Working for a big company, there is always something new to learn and new work that comes our way. There are many different personalities. We were always training and learning new material and tools to use to make our work more effective and productive. We would have meetings that were hours long so everyone can train on the new work and tools we had coming our way. Most of the people were struggling to learn the new tools. I was taking a class in which we were learning about peoples’ different learning styles. I thought all the training we were doing would be a great project for the class I was taking. I brought it to my bosses’ attention that I think that people are not learning because everyone has a different learning style. She was convinced that people were just tired and busy that’s why they could not understand the material. I wanted to test this theory. I suggested if we can give the employees on our team a learning test to see which way they better leaned. The results were exactly what I thought they were. Everyone had different learning styles. It turns out that most of the people on our team learned best Hands-On. Others were visual and the rest learned best by reading the material. This type of research method is best described as Correlation Research (positive correlation) because I was determining if two sets of variables are associated and if the variables increase or decrease. In this case when people used a learning method that fit best for them, they had better results for learning. When they were using a learning method that was not best for them, they were not learning the material. If I could have done anything different it would have been to test peoples’ personalities to determine if certain personalities learned a certain way. This would have gone more in depth as to why people learn the way they do.
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