Proposed Point of Sale Information System

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Project Title
POSIS (Point of Sale and Inventory System)

Project Proponents Name:
Ma. Kristine Jane D. Lamban - System Analyst
Leary John H. Tambagahan - Lead Database Designer/ Programmer
Ramy S. Hindap – Lead Interface Designer/Asst. Programmer
Ma. Lucille A. Santillan - Lead Documenter/Researcher
Sharmen Onido- Asst. Interface Designer/ Asst. Researcher
Amie Tamboong - Asst. Documenter /Asst. Researcher

Project Beneficiary
Domingo’s Minimart in Centro Norte, Pandan, Antique.

General Objectives
This system aims to create and design a Point of Sale and Inventory System that is efficient and reliable by increasing information reporting accuracy.

Specific Objectives
1. To make every transaction easier, secured and profligate. 2. To design the user interface and identify all the necessary inputs, outputs and processes for the new Point of Sale and Inventory System. 3. To concentrate automated inventory and sales reports.

4. To develop the new Point of Sale and Inventory System coding. 5. To assess the Point of Sale and Inventory System in order to determine whether Point of Sale and Inventory System operates properly and deliver outputs. 6. To maintain and enhance the system.

* A completely functioning monitoring system
* Documentation
* User’s Manual
* System Training

Project Benefits
1. Minimize the manual date processing and minimize automated transaction within the merchandize. 2. Reduce errors and waste
3. Reduce time cost.
4. Control the money.

Project Description
The project team is currently developing a Point of Sale and Inventory System. The project team is gathering information through interview and observation. Based on this information, user requirements are identified. Development strategy is the plan. For about six (6) months, the team is determined to finish the system. In order to test the system’s data and facilitate system development. The project team shall conduct continuous data gathering and shall evaluate software and documentation development thoroughly. This monitoring system will be maintained with in 1year by the team. The project team shall conduct training to support the end users system manipulation and troubleshooting.

Technical Description
Point of Sale and Inventory System is composed of Maintenance System and Transaction System intended for Point of Sale and Inventory System. Maintenance includes specialized persons to maintain the Point of Sale and Inventory System. Transaction includes forum, inventory and daily sales reports.

Strategy of Implementation
* Organize project team
* Create project proposal
* Data Accumulate & Analysis
* Determining inputs, outputs and processes for the system * Designing the user interface
* System coding
* Assessment of the system
* System maintenance

Project Duration
The team will start in the third week of the second semester of S.Y.2013-2014 and should be expected to be completed in March 2014 and to be implemented on April 2014.

Hardware Needed
* Computer Set and peripherals
* Receipt Printer

Software Needed
* Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
* Microsoft Access 2007

Special Skills
* Proficient in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Access.

Scheduled Activity
Activity| Duration|
Organization Project Team| 1 week|
Creating Project Proposal| 1 week|
Data Accumulate and Analysis| 2 months|
Designing user interface| 2 months|
Determining inputs, outputs & processes for the system| 3 months| System Implementation| 3 months|
Testing of the system| 3 months|
System Maintenance| 1 year|
System Upgrade| optional|

Proposed Budget
System Analyst
Ma. Kristine Jane Lamban
Php. 1,000 allowance / month @ 4 months
Php. 4,000.00s

Lead Database Designer/ Programmer...
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