Point of Sales

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Historical Background

The Bernada’s Store is Located at the Poblacion, Floridablanca Pampanga. It was originally owned by the parents of Mr. Ernesto Bernadas, the current owner/manager.
When their father passed away, their mother was no longer able to handle the business because of depression. So she decides to give it to Ms. Viviana Bernadas, her eldest daughter. For almost five years Mrs. Viviana handled the business. Until she noticed that she had a problem with her health. She needs to take a rest to avoid getting more tired. And she’s thinking that it is much better to give I to her younger sister, Ms. Josephine Bernadas. Mr. Edgardo Bernadas, their brother, appealed because he also wants to own and manage the business.

The siblings had a conflict especially between Ms. Josephine and Mr. Edgardo, about the business. Mrs. Viviana thought it would be better if no one from the feuding relatives take hold of it. She then decided to give the store instead to Mr. Ernesto Bernadas, their youngest brother, she knows he can manage the store very well because he had an experience in handling business. Her wife Mrs. Aida supports his husband together with their kids.

On 1996, their business is had grown. From a capital through a loan they were able to expand its operation. They were known in the area as a store primarily for rice and bottled drinks but they now sell also other consumer products.

* Statement of the Problem

A. General Problem:

The general problem of the study is that store is having difficulties in sales transaction and monitoring of sales.

B. Specific Problem:

1. Slow transaction
2. Unorganized sales reports

* Objectives of the Study

A. General Objectives:
The general Objectives of the study is to generate an Point of Sales and Inventory System for the Bernada’s Store to eliminate the difficulties in sales transaction and monitoring of sales.

B. Specific Objectives:

1. To make the...
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