Inf 340 Week 2 Assignment

Topics: Project management, Systems Development Life Cycle, Inventory Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Hoosier Burger
Adrian Talavera
INF 340 Business Systems Analysis
 Dr. Arman Kanooni
November 21, 2011

Hoosier Burger
In order for an organization to remain successful, it must be able to fulfill its day-to-day operations without mistakes. If these demands cannot be met, a new project must be created in order to stay in business and ahead of the competition. If an organization has a problem, they can benefit from fixing it by following a formal process for identifying, selecting, initiating, and planning projects (Valacich, 2009).

The system development life cycle is a formal four-step process that can be followed in order to identify a problem and solve it. The first step is project identification and selection. Hoosier Burger has a project development team and has met with restaurant owners Bob and Thelma Mellankamp. Bob has mentioned that Hoosier Burger is in high demand and has reached an all time high. Sales are being affected because of stock-out problems with the inventory. Also, wait times are long for customers because the ordering system needs to be revamped and implemented. After discussing all issues the team has decided that a point-of-sale system would be best in order to meet all demands of inventory management, marketing, customer service, and food preparation.

Before the project can evolve into the next phase systems development life cycle-systems analysis-the project plan must be reviewed and accepted (Valacich, 2009). To complete the first step Hoosier Burger must assess project feasibility using the following six categories: economic, operational, technical, schedule, legal and contractual, and political.

Economic feasibility is the process of identifying the financial benefits and costs associated with a development project (Valacich, 2009). The benefits of the project must be compared to the anticipated costs in order to determine if the project should progress or...
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