Proposal of Persuading Organise a Fund Raising Event to a Charity

Topics: Médecins Sans Frontières, Humanitarian aid, Non-profit organization Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: June 19, 2011
In order for a school to cultivate a sense of belongings from where junior students studied. Holding an impressive and educated fund raising event through the platform from this school is highly recommended. Grateful and joyful would be raised definitely if students and teacher may participate in this event as well. I deeply believe that could be melted the absence of understanding between teachers and students since having a significant and forgettable holiday together for raising money to a non-profit charity.

Objectives of holding this event
It is no doubt to say that marketing students are the mostly important target than funding to MSF in program. Apart from building up sense of belongings and clear an absence of understanding between students, teachers and school, it also aims to equip marketing students to be able to deal with difficulty which was quite a chapter of accidents during the competition and to train up their team spirit at the same time. If they could realize how to be capable to solve problems imperturbably in communities, however, they would considerate and discuss with group mates while decision have to be made. Does it made a positive break through? Indeed, they are having the opportunity to communicate with others and learn to consider seriously on every element which may cause consequences. In case: it not only helps by improving their relationship, sense of belongings to school; but also equips students to be more capable on facing difficulties and solving problems calmly and so on. It is a really feasible idea for killing two birds with one stone.

Funding for Non-Profit association
In this project, I am greatly put Medecins Sans Fromtieres up for being the theme of this fund-raising event. MSF is an international medical humanitarian aid organization that is also private and non-profit association. It is now a worldwide movement with sections in 19 countries, and currently works in around 70 countries such as...
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