Promotion Plan for Ben and Jerry's

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream Company
The “Peace, Love, and Ice Cream,” campaign is a movement that explores the core values of all Americans. The marketing plan presents our company’s strategy to attract new customer markets, remind current customers of the Ben & Jerry’s experience. The primary objective of this campaign is to, by promoting Ben & Jerry’s philanthropic activities and appealing to the audiences’ emotions, increase sales and brand awareness within the product market. Through a campaign full of fun and excitement, from radio spots to print advertisements, we hope to raise awareness about Ben & Jerry’s environmental advocacy programs. Cave 67 is excited about the “Peace, Love, and Ice Cream” campaign because it is a fun movement that allows Americans to give back to the community through the consumption of tasty, frozen desserts. This movement is a universal call to action that, through ice cream, to make a change on a global level, beginning with individuals’ personal actions. Americans today are concerned with personal health, environment conservation, and energy renewal. Ben & Jerry’s was built on these fundamentals and still stand by these values set forth by a couple of self-aware ice cream connoisseurs decades ago.

Our objective is to motivate customers to buy more our products than competitors so that we can increase sales: These strategies are used during the product life cycle in order to increase sales. At the same time , remaining a loyal long-term customer.

Coupons- Most mom’s are on budgets and love a • great boost that is value so giving them a coupon will give them that extra incentive to buy Free Sampling at grocery stores- Putting • samples out in grocery stores will initiate the purchase

. Objectives
1.Informative: advertising seeks to develop initial identity  2.Persuasive: Advertisements attempts to increase demand for existing product  3.Reminder: advertisement strives to reinforce...
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