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MKTG309: Social Marketing and Sustainability

Individual Assignment

Starbucks social marketing campaign


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Background, Target Audience & Behavior Change3
Behavior change model7
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Conclusion and Recommendation10
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Before describe and discuss prior social marketing campaign, we understand that social marketing is the focus on behavior, not awareness or attitude change. Besides, social marketing results in benefit to individuals or society, not just focus on organization benefit and profits. Organization runs social marketing campaign try to change behavior, improve personal welfare and benefits the society.

Background, Target Audience & Behavior Change
Starbucks is an international chain of coffeehouses. (The New York Times, 2012) For Earth Day 2011, Starbucks tells everyone an exciting event. On April 22, Starbucks inviting everyone to join their campaign: bring a reusable mug get a free drink (coffee or tea, hot or iced). That is a big surprised happened in the USA and Canada store. That is the prior social marketing campaign I will discuss next.

Before running the social marketing campaign, organization should define the problem and goals. The objectives of Starbucks social marketing campaign contain several points. * Environment issues: obviously, Starbucks adopt this social marketing campaign aim for deal with recycle issues. Plastics are the most common rubbish item at present. At the same time, government adopts many ways to improve plastic recycle. However, the results have not met expected. Starbucks social marketing campaign is a good example of combine personal welfare with the social environment issues. * It is not necessary to give customer surprise, but they love it! Customers want to spend less money and get more benefit. As mention above, Starbucks focus on personal benefits and recycle issues. Organizations try to change customer behavior by a marketing campaign. Even though just one day! * Improving brand image in customers mind, and also grow up brand loyalty.

Obviously, Starbuck is successful! The campaign is successful! Of course except define the problem and goals, Starbuck also define the target audience. Organization targets different groups of people in different ways. We study target audience according to following characteristics: Age, Gender, Education, Economic status, past behaviors.

* Age: kids and Teens, young adults and adults.
According to the research information from website, Starbuck’s primary target market is men and women aged 25 to 40. They account for almost 49%. (Renee O’Farrell, Smallbusiness.chron) To contrast, young adult age group (18 to 24) takes up 40% of the total. Starbucks place store in college & university yard at present. It is very popular. More and more young adults love coffee instead of soft drink. In recent year, the young adult customers grow up 4.6% each year. For kids and teens, it is not a large part of Starbucks target audience because the risk about the high caffeine). For social marketing campaign, the age group is same to Starbucks audience. * Gender: equally divided

* Education level: majority of consumers has a high level of education experience. * Economic status (income level): majority of buyers belong to midlevel income group. Usually, coffee stands for good quality of life, especially in a developing country: China. However, it is different in various countries. For this Starbucks event, it is happened in USA & Canada store, the gap between rich and poor is not big. * Past behaviors: For Starbucks social marketing campaign, the purpose is changing customer past behaviors. Therefore, what past behaviors should be focus on and change it? Starbucks try to let customers increase...
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