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Project Charter

1.0 Project Information
|Project Start Date: |Northland Medical Group Integration Project – May 1, 2011 | |Project End Date: |Northland Medical Group Integration Project – May 1, 2012 | |Project Manager: |Colette Schimetz | |Project Sponsor: |Joseph McIntire, Hospital Administrator |


2.0 Project Overview

Northland Medical Group Integration Project (NMGIP) will streamline data input, access, and updates to patient medical records as they move thorough the patient treatment and billing processes. The integrated system will restructure how medical data is entered and maintained thus eliminating redundant data entry and allowing real-time access to data by all participating entities. The project will also integrate results from third-party testing labs so all results will be available to care givers on a more timely schedule. As medical procedures are entered at the source the medical codes will automatically associate the cost of each procedure and build an itemized, constantly updated billing statement to submit to insurance companies. The integrated system will provide state-of-the art electronic medical records and prevent the typical lag between treatment and billing.

3.0 Overview of the Organization
Northland Medical Group is a corporate health care entity comprised of a 400 bed hospital and five satellite clinics that offer comprehensive healthcare to in-state and out-of-state residents who travel here to receive outstanding medical care at their facilities. The corporate structure includes a Board of Directors, of which Joseph McIntire is a member. Mr. McIntire is also the hospital administrator and directly supervises the individual clinic administrators. Other governing entities include a Policy Committee, an Operations Committee, a Financial Committee, a Quality Health Care Committee, and a legal Advisory Board. These governing bodies are broken into subcommittee for various areas of interest in the hospital and all hospital and clinic staff is directly answerable to someone on one or more of these committees.

The strategic plan of the organization is to create a working integrated model of superior health care facilities. Their goal is to create an automated patient record system that will be managed and maintained by the medical community. Benefits include accuracy, accessibility, and immediate delivery of validated lab results thus increasing quality of patient care and the ability to manage all data, administrative and clinical from a single database.

The NMGIP will allow the Northland Medical Group to consolidate all patient, billing, and lab result records in one comprehensive database. It will allow the integration of old and new records to take place using a planned modular approach to transitioning from the legacy systems to the new integrated system.

4.0 Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement
Presently the hospital, each clinic, and the third-party diagnostic labs each enter data in their own information system to maintain patient records and create billing statements for patients and insurance claims. When a patient is referred to another clinic or the hospital medical records must be copied and sent to the receiving entity. This is a costly, labor intensive process. It is a potentially inaccurate method of transferring medical information. If a patient has records from a previous treatment at a third clinic these records may be overlooked entirely compromising the quality of care the patient may receive. After years of using this method some records may remain incomplete while others have...
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