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Topics: Research methods, Research, Qualitative research Pages: 10 (3034 words) Published: March 21, 2013
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20 April, 2012
Biva kabir
Department of Management Studies
University of Dhaka
Subject: Letter regarding submission of research proposal on “new notebook launching of WALTON” Dear Sir,
It’s a great pleasure for us to have the opportunity to submit a research proposal titled “proposal for new notebook launching of WALTON” which had been a great experience for us to work with field survey and research of focused market for this new product. We tried utmost to make & let it look like a professional one. Any shortcomings are expected to have a kind view for our encouragement. Thank you for your sincere & honest try to let us make easy & get familiar with proposal submission for conducting research in favour of this renowned company. Our efforts will be valued, if this term paper can serve for what it’s been meant for & our assistance will be there for any queries. Sincerely yours,

Students of Group - DARKSPY
MBA 13th Batch
Strategic and International Management
Department of Management Studies,
University of Dhaka
Executive summary:
This research proposal has been done by DARKSPY members on the favor of WALTON Hi-tech industries ltd. which is going to launching notebook computer in the markets. Walton focused particular market segment basically, college and university students and their families to market that notebook computer. Our group has come to know about the advertisement of WALTON about submitting research proposal for launching notebook. However, we made up mind to prepare a research proposal on behalf of the WALTON. This research proposal was the partial requirement of the course of BUSINESS RESEARCH as it is huge required to gain practical knowledge about the specifications of different research proposal. Walton has given their problems about changing customers’ acceptance and specification compared to their proposed notebook. They also provide definite time line and budget for doing the work. This proposal has been done by meeting all the requirements of Walton. Our research team has taken random sample from the population of the college and university students and their families. This work has been conducted through desk research, questionnaire survey and depth interview techniques. These triangular research techniques have been used for confirming the accuracy of the research maintain their time and cash budget limit. For every techniques a common questionnaires have been made. After collecting data we will analyze customer maximum preference about full package of attributes of new launching notebook and that must be deemed to be market oriented product to capture the market share than the competitors. Introduction

Walton Bangladesh Limited is a Bangladesh based company that specializes in the production of electric and electronics products. Now it wants to introduce a new notebook brand name Walton. In order to ensure that its clients will be satisfied with the product, it is imperative for this company to find out what their clients are looking for in the ideal notebook computer. Information from this research will be important in determining the success of the new product. This is largely because the company is likely to include this information in launching their product into the market. Most Walton consumers emanate from the professional segment; consequently, prices of this commodity were a bit on the high side. The latter issue has attracted the attention of this company to consumers representing the personal segment or ordinary consumer segment. It is expected that this group may be concerned about the issue of price and the latter proposal will ascertain whether this is a true fact or not. The client has set a period of eight weeks for the completion of the project. Consequently, all the tasks in the research will be distributed evenly within this period. Allocations will be done depending on the weight of the task and...
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