Project Management

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Unit /Module| Project Management|
Assessment| Individual Assignment|
Lecturer| Bandujeewa Samaranayake|
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Important Information for students
* The criteria each task relates are shown against that task where possible * Please note that plagiarism is treated as a serious offence and therefore the work you produce must be individual and original although may grouping some instances * Use a standard business report structure.

* Word process the report.
* Use 12 point Arial or Times New Roman script.
* Use the Harvard referencing system.
* Limit the body of the report to around 2,000 words.
* Complete the title page and sign the statement of authenticity.

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Assignment Brief
Identify a project that you were involved with, in order to answer the following questions. Your involvement in the project can be in the form of either as a project member or as the project manager. TASK 1 (P1)

1. Briefly describe the project that you have selected, and the nature of involvement of you in that project and the particular role played by you. a. Describe the role of a project manager in managing a project successfully. b. Examine the major project phases. Describe the importance of identifying different project phases. c. Describe the work related to each of the project phases of the selected project. 2.

d. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS ) for the selected project. e. Examine the importance of defining the scope of a project. Prepare a scope statement for the selected project. f. Examine the importance of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Net Present Value (NPV) in carrying out an investment appraisal of a project, by relating to examples from the project you have selected. 3. Evaluate the importance of a Project Information Support (IS) System, in managing projects effectively. Relate to the examples extracted from the project that you had selected. 4.

g. Describe the key activities at a project closure.
h. Critically evaluate the requirement of comparing the project outcome with the business objectives at the closure of a project.

TASK 2 (P2)
1. Describe the organizational structure of the organization where you have selected the project. a. Evaluate the suitability of the existing organizational structure, towards managing the selected project effectively . b. Describe the ideal organizational structure for managing projects. c. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the participants of the selected project. Some of the participants of a project are, project manager, project sponsor, project champion, etc.

a. Describe the importance of monitoring the performance and progress measurement of a project. b. Describe the methods adopted by you to measure the progress of the selected project. c. Illustrate the use of the work breakdown structure in developing project monitoring and controlling systems.

a. What are the most appropriate leadership attributes and skills of a project manager. b. Critically evaluate the importance of the team development stages and Belbin’s team roles in managing project teams.

a. “Managing human resource requirement is one of the most important...
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