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i. Title page
ii. Table of Content
1. Introduction
A. Overview of the Project (discuss briefly the company background and system procedures) B. Rationale of the Project (discuss the purpose/reasons for doing the project, the problems to be solved and opportunities for improvement.) C. Significance of the Project (discuss the importance of the project, the possible solutions and improvements to be made to the current procedure) 2. Objectives and Scope

A. General Objective (What is the one task that you would like to accomplish?)

The researchers aim to improve the overall LRT experience by offering more options to its loyal customers and by reducing the time it takes for the customers to board the train.

B. Specific Objectives (What are the supporting tasks you would like to do in order to accomplish the general objective?) * Introduce reloadable LRT cards
* Modify the machines to be able to handle the reloading of the reloadable LRT cards * Place one to two more counters?
C. Scope and Limitations (What are the boundaries of the project and that of the procedure under study?)

The boundaries of the study are limited to the LRT system only. 3. Feasibility Analysis
A. Schedule Feasibility
i. Prepare a list of activities
ii. Construct a Gantt Chart
B. Operational Feasibility
Discuss how will the proposed will be beneficial to the:
i. organization or management
ii. end-users
C. Technical Feasibility
i. Hardware
ii. Software
iii. Operating environments
iv. Human resources (include skills)
D. Economic Feasibility
i. Prepare the summary of cost.
ii. Compute for the payback period.

System Narrative

A customer enters the LRT establishment then approaches the Passengers Assistance Office where he can acquire of the new reloadable LRT ticket card. He may give any...
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