Project Long Range

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The position that a manager holds is important in any company. From the performance of the staff to the continued quality of the product, the buck stops with management. Granted, specific details of the job description vary depending on the type of business. There are basic duties, however, that fall under every manager's responsibility, regardless of the industry.

* Recruiting, training and motivating staff
* Keeping up to date with licensing legislation and taking legal responsibility for the premises * Ensuring beer and wine are kept in good condition (and no, you can't drink them if they 'look gone off') * Enforcing health and safety rules

* Managing kitchen staff
* Dealing with difficult customers (who may or may not have drunk their own body weight)

Head Chef

A head chef oversees kitchen activity in a restaurant or hotel. Head chefs are also employed by country clubs, on cruise ships and in leisure resorts. A head chef manages food inventories, rotates food menus and monitors kitchen staff, offering guidance to staff if they are failing to perform their duties efficiently. Candidates for head chef positions typically have extensive kitchen experience and have often attended culinary school. Waiter

Food-service workers perform an important job that is always in demand. Waiters at restaurants have a responsibility to serve the customers' needs during the time they are in the restaurant. A waiter's salary is typically made up of a small hourly rate of pay and customer gratuity, so it is financially advantageous for a waiter to know how to properly serve customers.

Security Guard
The job duties and responsibilities of a security guard are not the same as a peace officer or police officer. Instead, security guards are in the prevention business. It is their job to act as a deterrent to crime, to watch for impending danger and to report crimes they may encounter.

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