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This project intends to develop a Web application by using the general concepts of Database Management Systems. Converting a manual “Library management system” into a “web-based computerized system” is the highlight of this project. This application will allow the users to operate the program as an administrator (Admin), student user as well as a normal user. Users can view the information within the various dynamic pages of the application along with the latest updates in this website.

By means of this application information can be easily shared and it will become a much easier task for the users to communicate and interact with all other users and admin users remotely. Student users as well as registered users will be capable of viewing the collection of books in the library, and gradually booking a book through the website for a certain limit of time. On the other hand admin users will be able to maintain the whole library system through computers and operate the application with ease and much more accuracy. Admin users will also be able to generate different types of statistical data required for the library, and store, edit, and update unlimited data in a more secured way. INTRODUCTION

The proposed Library Management System which is being developed by us under the supervision of our expert Lecturer is an on-line Library Management System. This System will provide a search functionality to facilitate the search of resources. This search will be based on various categories, for example, book name, accession number etc.

Product Characteristics and Requirements:
1. Secured database.
2. Search feature
3. Checking the availability of books.

The project we are doing is about a management system that was being manually controlled till now. The objective of our project is to re-arrange the system under information technology and create a computerized and secured system. The project is about “Library Management” of Cambrian College. Till now, the management is running manually and storing and retrieving of data is complicated and vulnerable. So our objective during the processing of the project was to, create a web based project that would make library management, easier, more secured and efficient.

From both ends, that is, for an anonymous user, or an admin, or a student from within the institute, the project has been developed for the ease of usage in every aspects of a library. It has features that will make the transaction of book inside and out of the institute more friendly and at the same time much more secured than it was in its previous state.

The project is made under general database concept. A database has been created which contains data about every single fact of the library, the students within the institution and also the factors that are required to maintain database. All the dates are categorized and tabulated with respective relevancy and relationships between the tables have been demonstrated. Overview

The application contains information of the library within a computerized system. Students from inside the institute, external users and admin users will fine whatever information required on spot. This web site will help people connect to the institute from remote areas and also, from the different branches within the same city. The database is centralized and updates will be instantly modified at once. Different Admin users will be able to login from different locations and add up to the same database. This will make the library management system very fast and up to date with accuracy.

Any given entry will be directly being saved into the database and information will be stored. There are various automated data saving systems programmed within the database. For example, when a book is to be issued, the admin will have to enter the accession number of the book and ID of the specific student, but, the system will automatically generate an issue date according to what is...
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