What Do You Understand by Library Management Software?

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What do you understand by library management software?

Computerisation in Libraries
The library is one of the oldest types of institutions in our society. It is in the midst of rapid change in recent times. The changes mirror those going on in other institutions and also in the society as a whole. Most modern libraries move beyond their traditional role as custodians of books and integrate new methods of storage and transmission of information. Modern libraries must link the users with the information they seek. Today's users expect more from libraries than ever before. A school library is as a place in which books and teaching resources are kept. Typically, a library must be able to handle some housekeeping information such as acquisition, cataloging, circulation, serials management, statistical reports and references. Latest advancements in the field of information technology have constrained libraries to embrace automation as the facilities provided by automated libraries provided by automated libraries go far beyond the activities of traditional libraries. A library management system software package is designed especially to handle such housekeeping tasks. Today, library users expect a modern library service, whether at home using library services online and or within the library. Online, web-based services are now expected. This new technology is also known, as library automation, which is the general term for information, and communications technologies that are used to replace manual systems in the library.

Library Management System gives the all detailed information about students, staff and books. It will track on the how many books available in library and books issued to the students. It shows popular books among the students. It will provide book lost in library. Library Management Software usually comes in these basic modules: cataloging, OPAC and circulation. On can usually access the system through any workstation with a...
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