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CIS 517 – IT Project Management

One of the first steps that should be taken by the project management team is to develop the project management Plan. This plan can help serve as a guide for much of the project, although it also evolves as the project takes shape as it is not a static document. Regarding a Project Management Plan Amr Miqdadi wrote: “A formal, approved document that defines how the project is managed, executed, and controlled. It may be summary or detailed and may be composed of one or more subsidiary management plans and other planning documents”. (Miqdadi, 2011) Using the information the project manager would be in possession of when starting the project right after it was awarded they should first identify the key stakeholders and create a stakeholder register and a communications matrix. Creating the stakeholder register and the communications matrix would help identify the key players and contact information as well as providing a readily available means to reach the said key players at any critical times without having to search for the needed contact information. This information can also be used to help create organizational charts and assist with determining chain of command within the project.

Possibly their next step would be to develop a draft of the project charter and presentation from the other information they were in possession of i.e. the Request for Proposal from Fiction Corp, submitted proposal to Fiction Corp and any additional communications since. During this meeting I would ensure that all expectations from Fiction Corp were understood and documented if not already documented and provide them with copies of contact information for the team.

Upon completion of the kickoff meeting with the stakeholders the project management team may decide to roll right into the initial meeting with the Project Team to bring them up to date. According to the project management institute in People in Projects getting buy in from the team members doing the work is often a major key to a successful project (Project Management Institute, 2001), and the initial meeting can set the stage for this. During this meeting if I had not already done so I would select my team leads. Once the teams were setup I would then provide the teams some time to brainstorm any improvements to the current plan and provide said inputs. Key milestones would be identified by the team and responsibilities assigned. A tentative schedule would be disseminated and the team contract drafted. Using all the inputs to this point the team would then create a draft of the Scope Statement. I believe this method could help with team building and assure all team members had buy in as well as seeing the “Big Picture”.

Another activity during the initial team meeting will be some brainstorming on risk management and some ways to reduce risks to this project as well as some possible alternatives that may be invoked if the need to mitigate risks on budget or schedule crop up.

Acceptance of the Team Contract and Scope Statement would be very important so taking those from draft form to finished copy and acceptance would be priority. The acceptance of the scope statement by Fiction Corp is crucial for Project Scope Management, when the stakeholders buy in and abide scope creep is much more containable. Once both had been accepted the initialization phase would be complete even though the initialization process continues to occur as the project proceeds from phase to phase. With the step into the planning phase the Project Management team can start working on composing work packages and a work breakdown structure or WBS while the site survey team starts the site survey. Much of the schedule was planned when preparing the proposal in response to the Request for Proposal. Breaking the time schedule down and linking the individual tasks and work packages and assigning these to individuals will be one of the main steps in...
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