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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Phase 1 Individual Project

Meeting Request: Monday, Apr 16, 2012 7:00am
To: John Doe; Jane Doe; Tom Doe; Sally Doe
CC: Boss Doe
Subject: Newly Developed Design Prototype
Hello everyone
This meeting request is to inform you all of the upcoming findings within the design prototype in the main conference room lunch will be provided, along with breaks. Specifically it will outline the positives and negatives of the prototype within its design protocols and specifications. This request will automatically populate your outlook calendars as to the heading specifications upon acceptance. In speaking of the subject prototype we will be discussing contract supply issues along with the current global contracts that give us all worries with all the major weather damage within production facilities with crucial parts.

The prototype has major short falls within its design being that; 1. Heat: This issue will be discussed in detail in the hopes of coming up with a solution to the prototypes inexplicit reasons for its failure under high heat. 2. Durability: This issue is a minor one but with current global situations I want to discuss the point of getting over supply and or finding new sources for that supply. 3. Cost: I would like to talk about the cost of the prototype and how we, if we, can find new ways of cutting our cost to the customer per piece. Currently we are at $45.00 per new piece. 4. Re-Ferbs: Or more precisely testing old prototypes that come into repair for whatever reason fixing them at a lower cost as opposed to outsourcing costs and shipping them out to our warehouses’ for distribution to our customers. These and smaller issues such as the loss of our supply clerk with including a question and answer overview throughout the entire meeting, see you there.
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